The Mane Lion

Sometimes we can’t even guess who’s going to show up at a Brady Lions Club meeting. Jimmy Marshall of Lohn was back as a guest and prospective Lion. But the surprise guest was his brother, Lion Jerry of Rotan, who is the Governor of Lions District 2-T2. (Brady is in District 2-A1). Gov. Jerry was on his way to the Lions State Convention in San Antonio and he stopped to make a presentation at our meeting. It seems that Gov. Jerry was a student of Lion T. Wood at Melvin High School (back when’), and he came to recognize Lion T. for his many years of service to youth. Unfortunately Lion T. was not able to attend last week, but the certificate was accepted on his behalf. Lion Barbara Bolton brought the day’s program speaker, Billy Sanders of SYSCO Foods. Billy showed a video about the far-flung company that he represents, and told of its history. The Houston based company services virtually every aspect of the restaurant business over a substantial part of the United States. Mr. Sanders said that the acronym ‘SYSCO’ stands for ‘Systems and Service Company,’ and that they are especially proud of the ‘service’ aspect of their business. They have over 3,500 trucks to make deliveries to their many thousands of customers. The Brady Lions Club hopes that you all had a safe and pleasant Memorial Day. It is most appropriate that we set aside one day of our lives to honor those who could truly say ‘We Served’ democracy.

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