Remembering our first radio and television

As I was sitting here flipping through the channels on the TV, I was thinking about the first radio and TV we had. The first radio I can remember was at the Baird Henderson home. They had an Atwater-Kent radio, and we had to pass the earphones around so we could hear it. Our first radio was a battery-operated one that was charged by a wind charger. If the wind didn’t blow, you couldn’t use it. We always listened to the “Grand Ol’ Opry” on Saturday night. When we got electricity, we always had the radio on. At noon Mother would have the “Chuck Wagon Gang” on. One night a week we listended to the “$64 Question.” I always liked the “Lone Ranger” and “Amos and Andy.” Then we graduated to the “Hayride.” On Sunday morning I listened to “Uncle Joe” read the funny papers over KNEL. That was about 1937. When I was going to Howard Payne in Brownwood, I would listen to KNEL during the summer months when they announced from down in “Hooten Hollar”, somewhere in East Brady. The station was in the Kelm Conoco building on South Bridge. Then we moved to the the top of the old Brady National Bank building. The first KNEL was upstairs in the Gibbons Building. The first TV I saw was at the J.O. Trussels home in Rochelle in about 1949. Of course, it was black and white. Then in 1950 we lived in San Antonio, and my neighbor had a colored TV with about a 10-inch screen and a magnifying glass in front of it. About all he wanted to watch was wrestling. Then we bought our first TV, a black and white one, in San Antonio in 1952. We moved to Rochelle in 1955 and had a TV, but if the weather was bad, you couldn’t see it for the snow. Now we have three TVs on the cable from Goldthwaite, and the Pegasus satellite with about 105 channels in all and usually nothing on worth watching so I spend a lot of time reading. Can’t wait for football season to get here.

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