Letter to the editor

Dear Editor, My family is visiting Brady for a short six months from Anchorage, Alaska. We have had some unique and wonderful experiences here and have met some very gracious and friendly people. On Friday, May 18, I had the particular pleasure to attend the first performance of the Children’s Community Drama Group at Brady Elementary School. What an outstanding performance I was shown! All of the actors/actresses did a great job’they knew their lines, they expressed themselves well, and they had terrific costumes. The group performed two plays of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, which were humorous and quite entertaining. The caliber of their work exceeded my expectations of a “small town” and should make every resident and parent proud. Brady is fortunate to have such dedicated, professional teachers and bright, talented children. I would like to encourage this group to continue to produce such high-quality entertainment and would encourage the community to support them. Thank you for a wonderful evening. To living “happily ever after,” TRACY DUNN Brady, Tex.

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