Grand Jury returns 8 true bills, passed 2

Members of the McCulloch County Grand Jury met on Thursday, May 24 in the 198th District Court and issued eight true bills out of a possible 10. One particular case of interest saw Anthony Bone, 19, indicted for attempted capital murder, aggravated sexual assault and aggravated kidnapping. The indictments are in connection with an April 8 attack on 17-year-old Anthony Soto. Bone has been in the McCulloch County jail since being arrested on April 9 in connection with the incident. According to sources at the courthouse, Bone’s attorney will likely seek a change of venue due to the amount of publicity the case has drawn. According to McCulloch County District Clerk Mackye Johnson, the eight individuals indicted for separate crimes will be sent to a pre-trial and arraignment which will eventually lead to a trial. The indictments simply mean that the grand jury found enough evidence to charge them with a crime. “The pre-trial and arraignment will probably be at our next district court date on June 21,” said Mrs. Johnson. The individuals indicted by the grand jury are Billy G. Rader, III, possession of marijuana; Abelardo Ramirez, Jr., driving while intoxicated, third offense; Ronald David Mauldin, driving while intoxicated, third offense; Delores Ann Sanchez, possession of a firearm by a felon; Walter Timothy Painter, driving while intoxicated, third offense; Garry Gene Williams, driving while intoxicated, third offense and Edward Aguilar, possession of a prohibited weapon. Mrs. Johnson added that anything below the third offense for driving while intoxicated is considered a misdemeanor and goes to county court for the first two offenses. In the two bills not passed, either the grand jury didn’t find enough evidence to indict the individuals or they’re waiting for additional evidence to be submitted.

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