BHS reduces dropout rate, ups TAAS scores

The Texas Education Agency has released the Texas Assessment of Acacemic Skills (TAAS) results for Brady Independent School District for the 2000-2001 school year. “Brady High School has again done extremely well,” said Brady Supt. Max Gordon. For the first time in several years BHS has managed to reduce its dropout rate to below the state’s minimum requirement, posting a dropout rate of only nine percent. Brady Middle School has also surpassed its scores this year, and aside from a struggle at the third grade level, Brady Elementary also completed the TAAS exam with excellent scores. “All of the scores from fourth grade through the exit level were the same or above what they were last year. The third grade results were below what they were last year, but we will implement some things to get those scores where we need them to be,” explained Gordon. These scores respresent the percentage of students who passed the tests. ‘ Third grade’reading, 73; math, 69. ‘ Fourth grade’reading, 92; math, 95; writing, 84. ‘ Fifth grade’reading, 87; math, 97. ‘ Sixth grade’reading, 88; math, 99. ‘ Seventh grade’reading, 94; math, 97. ‘ Eighth grade’reading, 94; math, 96; writing, 93; science 97; social studies 82. ‘ Tenth grade’reading, 97; math, 95; writing, 94.

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