Letter to the editor

Dear Editor, After the eight inches of rain Melvin and Brady got in June 2000 and rained off and on almost every week, then got another six inches in September. I was out in my yard on Nov. 12, and noticed four different little lettuce plants up on one side of my walk and two on the other side. All the freezes and frosts did not kill them. It was about three inches high on Dec. 24. It came a three inch snow, sleet and rain all was covered over them for four days. When it thawed, there stood my lettuce. Everyone who sees it says that is has to be a miracle. I had no seeds. Then we got a rain with pea-sized hail, and it didn’t hurt the leaves at all. I live at 307 West Beach on the Cemetery Road if anyone would like to see it at the back of my house. OVELLA FERRIS Melvin

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