Excess of $3 million spent on welfare in McCulloch County

The State of Texas spent a total of $3,737,070 last year for major welfare programs in McCulloch County, according to Barbara Evans, Regional Administrator for the Texas Department of Human Services. Food stamps worth $671,942 were issued for the fiscal year which ended August 31, while Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) totaled $128,685. Food stamps are funded entirely by the federal government, while the department determines the eligibility of potential clients and non-clients and issues the Lone Star Card. The state and federal governments share in the cost of TANF to families where needy children are deprived of support because of the absence or disability of one or both parents. Nursing home costs of approximately $2,222,224 were paid for aged and disabled residents. Community Care for Aged and Disabled spent $619,760 for Medicaid related services and $94,459 for non-Medicaid related services,” Evans said.

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