TWC-Brady seeks field survey input to determine job market

The Texas Workforce Center-Brady will sponsor two business-oriented meetings on Friday, May 18 (today). The first meeting will be held at 10:30 a.m. in the Brady National Bank Community Room and the second meeting will be held at 2 p.m. in the First United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall. Earlier this year, TWC-Brady received an Achieving Performance Excellence (APEx) grant in the amount of $49,000. Through this grant, TWC-Brady will be able to conduct field surveys to better understand the local job market and the wants and needs of Brady employers and their employees. “When we applied for the grant, one of the reasons that we were approved was because so many local churches and businesses came on as community partners,” said Joseph Remini of TWC-Brady. “Brady National Bank and the First United Methodist Church are two of our community partners.” The APEx grant will allow TWC-Brady the opportunity to work with Brady businesses and to understand their needs in the way of skills that their employees either have or don’t have and the types of skills that are generally needed in the local community. “The way that we plan to determine this type of information is through a collection of surveys that study the Local Labor Market Information. These surveys simply give us an idea of the taxes, salaries, income and the types of jobs available in our area,” Remini explained. The grant will enable TWC-Brady to hire a part-time assistant to facilitate the writing of the business survey, the distribution of the survey and interviews with local employers and employees. Once all of the data is compiled through the survey, TWC-Brady will issue a report on its findings regarding the local workforce. “Once we get the report, we will modify the service in our local office, and we’ll make sure that we’re putting people in the types of training that is needed locally. We’ll also look into training for employees already on salary in order to increase their skills and get them better qualified for their position. This simply reflects the efforts to get this an employee driven service,” said Remini. “We want to invite all employers to come out for the meeting. It’s free and it will only take about 30 minutes to complete. It’s really essential that we get this information, and we really hope everyone will come out,” Remini continued. To learn more about what TWC-Brady has to offer, contact Remini at 597-7676 or Terry House at 915-655-2005.

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