McCulloch 4-Hers receive state awards

Thirty McCulloch County 4-H members recently received awards for accomplishments throughout the past year. “Each year in April, 4-H contests are held throughout the state,” said County Extension Agents Jane Holubec and Jerry Kidd. “A multitude of competitive 4-H events are conducted that include demonstrations, skits, fashion show and judging events at the district level.” McCulloch County is included in District 7 with 23 other counties located within the Central Texas area. Each contest area is further divided into age groups, with only senior members eligible to advance to the State 4-H Roundup at College Station in June. The results are as follows: 4-H Share-the-Fun Dance: Senior level (over 14 years old)’Ashleigh Cook, Leslie Ranne, Diane Schuffler, third overall. 4-H Fashion Show: Senior Construction Speciality division’Erica Paniagua first and advances to state; Senior buying division’Ashleigh Cook second; Senior Formal Division’Leslie Ranne second; Senior Casual Construction division’Meagan Schaffner second. 4-H Demonstrations: Senior Family Life Demonstration’Thomas Castro and Meagan Schaffner first and advances to State; Senior Food and Nutrition Demonstration’Erica Paniagua first advances to state; Junior level (13 years old and under) Horticulture Demonstration’Jay Behrens and Matthew Dean second overall. 4-H Livestock Judging: Senior team members: Zane Brandenberger (second overall individual), Leslie Ranne (10th overall individual), Casey Kidd, Cody Holubec – second overall team and advances to state: Junior team members: Jay Behrens, Katie Kidd, Matthew Dean, Justin Friar – sixth overall team; Junior team members Glenn Van Dyke, Lindsey Brown, Zachary Jones, Carter Humphrey – 10th overall team. 4-H Horse Judging: Junior team members; Katie Kidd (ninth overall individual); Lance Helberg, Daniel McAnally, Lindsey Brown – sixth overall team, also judging was Freddie Rodriques. 4-H Consumer Judging: Intermediate team members (12-13 years old)’Wendee Carlson (first high individual), Jay Behrens, Glenn Van Dyke – second overall team; Junior (under 12 years old)’Lacy Sawyer, Jake Cortez, Jameson Leatherwood, Erica Reeves. 4-H Rifle Team: Junior team (13 years old and under)’Matthew Dean, Jay Behrens, Molly Gage, Bodie Landes’sixth overall team. Also involved were Nolan Landes and Seniors Robert Tetens and Cody Holubec.

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