Filmmakers ‘invade’ Mercury for movie

The tiny town of Mercury has been the center of attention for a film production crew for several days as scenes from an upcoming movie “World Without Waves” have been keeping film crews busy. The television movie is an unusual love story within a cautionary tale about society’s increasing dependence on electricity and technology. Filmed almost entirely in Regency and Mercury, the small town is the scene where the main characters end up after deserting the hectic city life of New York. The film is being directed by Mitchell Johnson, a Brownwood native who stumbled onto Mercury several years ago by pure happenstance. “We were looking for a small town with just the right character and Mercury fit perfectly,” said Johnson. World Without Waves is being produced by Dennis Bishop who has served as producer of MGM/Showtime’s Emmy nominated production Inherit the Wind which stars Jack Lemmon and George C. Scott. Other films he has produced include The Big Green, The Evening Star and Houseguest. The film crew on location is comprised of 12 Hungarian filmmakers as well as a number of American crew members. Bishop arrived on the set in Mercury late Tuesday afternoon to oversee some of the production. The crew expects to complete filming within the next two weeks.

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