State track meet was always an event I enjoyed

When the first week of May comes around, I always think of the state track meet in Austin. I always enjoyed the event. Rochelle has had a few boys to go to the state meet, but only a couple have won the gold medal. Some of the Cates boys and others won the events at the meet in the 1930s. Willie Myers was the first one I know to win the state in the mile run. He went to state in 1955 and won the mile run in 1956. N. M. Curlee was his coach. I never could run very fast. In fact, I could hardly run out of sight in a day, but I always liked track meets. John McDonald won second in the state meet in the discus throw. I think about 162 feet was his distance. He was coached by Willie Myers and myself. Jimmy Segrest is our Rochelle claim to fame as he was born here, but he spent most of his school days in Bangs. He won the state meet by himself in about 1952. His coach was Jerrell Rice from Rochelle. Jimmy went on to have a very successful track career at ACC in Abilene and coached track for many years at Odessa College. Hugh Doyal from Rochelle was a sprinter and ran a 9.8 100-yard dash in about 1959, but only got third place at district. In first place was David Green from Richland Springs and second went to a boy from Cherokee named Grey. Jerrell Rice started the Rochelle Relays in about 1957 for Class B schools only. Usually there were from 35 to 50 teams each year. We continued the meet for about 20 years and finally with no interest from the students here and with all weather tracks, it was dropped. Also it takes about 45 men to run a good meet and today they are not here. What little I know about track, I learned from Jerrell, Myers and Frank Hubbell from Junction. I’m thinking about going to the state meet this year but I doubt that I could climb up into the bleachers.

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