Letter to the editor

Dear Editor, I am writing you in response to some vandalism that occurred at the Girl Scout hut recently. We, the parents, Girl Scouts, and volunteers began restoration of the Brady Scout hut in hopes that sometime in the near future we could start using this facility for our troop meetings, adult trainings, council events, etc. However, it seems that some individuals have put our hopes on hold. These individuals went into the girl scout hut and knocked huge holes in the walls, broke out several windows, shattered glass in the cotton candy machine that we use to raise money for the repairs, poured paint all over the hardwood floors and ripped up some old valuables that were left there by previous Girl Scouts. These girls have worked hard and put all the money that we had into repairing the hut. We were in the process of requesting grant money to help complete the restoration process, but are now going to have to start over. These young ladies have been taught to respect others and their property, the importance of community service, to be considerate, caring and honest and to make the world a better place. It is truly going to be hard to explain that their vision has been destroyed by people who obviously were not taught the same values. I do hope that these individuals will be held accountable for what they have done’legally, as well as morally. I hope they are made to realize what they have taken from these young ladies that set a goal, worked toward that goal and had it taken from them by vandals. I do have faith in these girls and the caring citizens of McCulloch County. I truly hope that all the citizens of Brady will watch for people that are where they should not be or doing things they should not do. The next time it might be your property. Sincerely, MELISSA HAIL Brady, Tex.

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