Letter to the editor

Dear Editor, What a joy to drive around Brady and see beautifully manicured lawns, flowers and decorative items in the yards, on the porches and on the houses themselves. Kenneth and I couldn’t wait to start making our street even more attractive to residents and tourists. We began landscaping and trying to come up with ideas that would make passing our home more pleasurable for drivers. When Kenneth came up with the idea of a hitching post and saddle, I thought the idea rather strange (but then, I am a big city girl). But, I went along with him and was delighted at the result. This was six months ago. Last night, May 6, someone came into our yard and stole the saddle, bridle and rope. This was not a casual theft as the saddle was bolted and wired , so the thief (or thieves) needed tools to accomplish this. How sad that the residents of Brady cannot try to make it more beautiful! SHERRY & KENNETH FRIAR Brady, Tex.

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