Letter to the editor

Dear Editor: Thank you for printing the obituary of my sister, Rosa Commnader Branning (Friday, April 27). But the obituary material submitted to your paper leaves me wanting to add a few more words. The pertinent information for many of the readers of your paper about Rosa Branning is that she was the oldest child of the late Boyd and Edna Commander. They were near-pioneer residents of McCulloch County and Brady. For years Boyd taught in schools in Brady and surrounding communities. Edna taught in Brady schools 25-30 years and nourished and loved hundreds of little boys and girls in Brady South Ward. Both Boyd and Edna were active members and Sunday School teachers in the Brady Methodist Church. Boyd taught the unwritten Masonic work to dozens of young Masons throughout McCulloch County. Rosa’s husband, Howell Branning, died in Seguin in 1988. Our brother, Boyd Commander, Jr., died in Houston in 1998. Sincerely, VALAREE GUY Austin

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