Brady given state title after Stamford penalized

May 17-20, 1960 The University Interscholastic League disqualified Stamford Friday and handed the 1959 state AA championship to Brady. The Brady Bulldogs couldn’t help but be thrilled by the “gift,” but they would have preferred to win the title by their own efforts. Bill Archer, starting center for the Bulldogs and president of the Senior Class said, “I’m proud we got it, but I don’t feel that we really deserve it. I think we’re still second.” Stamford defeated Brady, 19-14, in the state AA finals last December. The Interscholastic League’s executive committee, meeting in Austin, ruled that Stamford had violated the recruiting rule in the case of Wendell Ray Robinson, 210-pound All-State center. In addition to losing the state title, Stamford was placed on probation for the next two years and will be disqualified from any district honors in 1960. Stamford will be permitted to play its district schedule next fall but cannot be declared the district champion even by winning every district game. The games Stamford plays with other district members, however, will count on their opponents’ records. Reports of a ‘Stamford investigation’ have been heard in Brady for the last several weeks. Although the league did not say so, reports here said the first tip to the league came in an unsigned letter, postmarked from Seymour, a district rival of Stamford. Robinson remained in Stamford when his family moved to Floydada in the spring of 1959. H lived in the Stamford fire station and reportedly performed duties in return for his lodging. The committee decided that he had done nothing in return for the lodging and found that his meals had been paid for by a group of boosters, not connected with the school system. Robinson was found guilty of violating the amateur rule which prohibits the payment of any money or ‘valuable consideration’ for participating in athletics. Stamford was ordered to return its state AA trophy, given by the league. Brady Supt. C.A. Reynolds said he has received no official notice from the league and, of course, he didn’t know whether the state trophy would eventually be sent on to Brady. He doubted the championship trophy would be much difference from the one Brady already has, a life-size silver football engraved ‘Runner-Up.’ L.W. Johnson, Stamford superintendent, told the committee that school officials were not aware that any irregularity was going on. He is retiring at the end of this school year after 41 years. His successor, H.S. Fitzgerald of East Chambers, also attended the Austin meeting. Others present were coach Larry Waters, six members of the school board; Foster Cook of Hamlin, chairman of the District 6-AA football committee; Robinson; his father, E.N. Robinson, and his brother, Duane Robinson, both of Floydada. * * * They thought we squealed, but we didn’t It’s nice being ‘state champions,’ but Brady coaches and football players weren’t taking much credit for it this week. They were much more concerned about Stamford. ‘We won second and we can be proud of that,’ said coach K.Y. Owens. ‘They gave us the championship, but it’s not like winning it. We can’t be too enthusiastic about it.’ The Interscholastic League’s investigation put Brady on the spot for awhile. The story broke about the time that Kenneth West, a Stamford High grad himself, moved to Brady as assistant coach. ‘He went home and everybody was mad at him,’ Owens said. ‘They thought we had found out through him and had turned them in. We didn’t of course.’ The tip reportedly came in a letter from Seymour, just some fan in town, not a school official. Owens said he believes Stamford found out at last Friday’s hearing that the tip didn’t come from Brady or from West. Coach Ed Whitley said, ‘I wish it hadn’t happened, but I’m glad they will bet to play next year. It could have been worse. They’ve been hurt bad enough, and it hasn’t helped us a bit. We’re still second’We’ve had some wonderful games with Stamford.’ * * * Hail damages roofs, crops Damages from hail will run from light to severe in this area after a thunderstorm dumped 0.64 inch of rain on Brady Sunday afternoon. Hailstones large but scattered, damaged some roofs in Brady and in the surrounding communities of West Sweden, Fairview and Rochelle. Some of the stones that fell in Brady were as large as golf balls. Most of the roofs damaged were of the asbestos type. Several fields of oats and wheat suffered damages, and in some instances severe. Most, however, were said to be damaged about 30 percent according to reports. The Huttmans, D.E. Taylor, A.B. Crump and Delma Bell in the Fairview community, the Brattons west of Rochelle and some fields northeast of Rochelle suffered losses in small grain. Gus and Robert Craft near Melvin reportedly lost heavily from hail. The cloud that made up west and southwest of Brady and moved northeastward Sunday afternoon dumped varying amounts of rain, recorded from 1.10 to 1.60 at Melvin, 1.35 at Voca, 0.05 at Lohn, 1.50 in the Davis community and 0.60 in Mercury. The thunderstorms were ushered in by the hottest days of the year. Saturday the mercury soared to 101 degrees, the highest this year, and Sunday it was back up to 96 degrees. * * * Mercury News Mr. and Mrs. Sammy Knutson, Houston, were with the L.E. Knutsons for Mother’s Day. A special appeal is being made to people of McCulloch County to raise the quota of 87 pints of blood when the Red Cross Bloodmobile visits Brady on May 27. Mrs. Billy Jones is chairman for this community and she asks everyone who can possible do so to be present and donate blood. Milburn, Cowboy, Placid and Mercury are urged to do their best. Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Rhone and baby daughter of Coleman visited the Willie Weathermans last Friday night. Mrs. H.B. Sears of Oklahoma City and Mrs. George Murray of San Antonio visited Mrs. Pumphrey from Saturday until Monday. * * * PERSONAL MENTIONS Visits son and family Mrs. I.O. Taylor boarded a jet plane in Fort Worth today for Oakland, Calif., the first leg of her trip to Honolulu, Hawaii, where she will be a guest of her son, Sgt. Billy Joe Taylor and family for two months. Mrs. Taylor is flying non-stop to Oakland, then from there to Honolulu. Billy Joe has been stationed there in the Air Force for the past year and has two years more to serve. * * * Here from Ohio Mr. and Mrs. Francis Keller of Dayton, Ohio, are the guests this week of Mrs. Ella Steffens and S.J. Striegler, and other relatives and friends. * * * It’s a boy! Carl Nance, Jr. called his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Nance, Sr. from Calgary, Alta., Canada, to announce the birth of a son Friday, may 13. He is being named Calvin Lewis.

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