Letter to the Editor

Dear Brady Standard, I wanted to thank you for the great job that the Brady Standard does each week. I read with great interest your article on the “towing industry problem” in Brady on Tuesday. I was shocked that someone was charged $700 for a towing job that took under an hour to complete. Most people in our area make less than that per week. Maybe it is time to put the towing industry back under regulation. How can your average person pay to have their vehicle towed’ I have never used any towing service, but probably would not be able to afford it anyway! I would be interested in trying to bring another towing company into Brady from outside and maybe increase the competition. They say that competition is good for business, but maybe we really need more than just two companies to make it good for our citizens. Maybe our City Council will address this issue. We love living in Brady and enjoy your newspaper very much. Sincerely, JANE HERNANDEZ Brady, Tex.

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