Brady FCCLA chapter holds annual banquet

The FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America) Club of Brady High School held its annual end of the year banquet May 3. The theme of the banquet was “We’re W.I.L.D (Winning In Life’s Decisions) about F.C.C.L.A. The local club is a part of the National FCCLA project. Incoming officers were installed by out-going president, Jenna Behrens. Jarrett Dawson delivered his acceptance speech for president for the year 2001-2002. The purposes of the organization were presented by Jenna Behrens, Angela Castanuela, Jessica Fuentes, Misty Dorries, Leah Vickers, Marlena Galindo, Megan Schaffner and Eileen Ruiz. Displays were presented and summaries of projects were reported. The Ready, Set, Read Project, headed by Jarrett Dawson, Christina Alvis and Martina Garcia, is a program that matched high school student volunteers with elementary students who wanted extra help in reading skills. They met every Tuesday night from 6-8 p.m. during Family Reading night from November through March. Dawson, Alvis and Garcia prepared a display and oral report on the accomplishments of this project. They presented it to the FCCLA Regional STAR Events “Focus on the Children” competition in Wichita Falls where they received third place. They also presented this project in Houston at the State STAR Event. Each reading buddy was presented with a certificate and the 10 reading buddies with the highest attendance were also given a Read, Set, Reading Buddy T-shirt. The “Be Aware, It’s a Jungle Out There” (promoting abstinence before marriage) committee, headed by Sarah Currie and Alisha Condron, is a project that works with middle school students to help educate them about “real” love. They presented information through skits and personal testimonies about why people should save sex for marriage. Currie and Condron prepared visual aids and a summary about this project and presented it at the Regional FCCLA STAR Event “Skills for Life” competition in Wichita Falls, where they received fourth place. The chapter showcase team of Angela Castanuela, Marlena Galindo and Jessica Fuentes prepared a six foot by four foot display and a 10 minute speech about all of the activities of the club. They presented it at the Regional STAR Events Chapter Showcase competition where they received third place. They also presented it in Houston at the State competition where they received sixth place. Two students entered the Job Interview Skills STAR Event competition, Eileen Ruiz in the senior division and Misty Dorries in the Junior Division. They had to prepare a portfolio that supports why they would be the best candidate for a specific job. During their interview with the judges, they used the portfolio as evidence of their abilities. Behrens was elected to the second ranking position of vice president of Programs for Regional II FCCLA and to the State Executive Council. She will be attending a five-day training session in Austin in June to learn about her responsibilities and then get the opportunity to meet personally with our representative, Troy Frasier. She will also represent Texas at the National meeting in Anaheim, Calif. in July.

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