The Mane Lion

The Brady Lions Club’s first meeting in May proved costly for the three or four members who forgot to wear their vests. Lion Tail Twister Wayne Rawlings was quick to fine each Lion who was ‘out of uniform.’ Lion V. P. Ronnie Gassiot (who is also president-elect) chaired the meeting and brought the program. He also won the drawing for a free meal this week. Our speakers were Ms. Ronnie Ault and Ms. Lisa Jewell, who are with the Hill Country Community Action Council. Ronnie is the director of the Retired Senior Volunteer Program for nine counties in this area. Lisa is working with the Every Person Influences Children (EPIC) project in McCulloch and Concho Counties. The brochure that the ladies handed out says, ‘EPIC was founded in 1980 to train parents and teachers to help children develop life skills and civic values which lead to responsible adulthood and parenting.’ The program is federally funded, and arranges for workshops to develop parenting skills and to train those who will facilitate such workshops. You can obtain more information about the EPIC project from Lisa Jewell at 597-2909. Here are a couple of administrative announcements for you Lions out there. If you missed the Board of Directors meeting yesterday, you’ll have to wait until June 4th. Also, our monthly club business meeting will be held on Thursday, May 17th because the program originally scheduled for that day has to join us this week, May 10th. I’ll see you Thursday!

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