Rainstorms visit county

Accompanied by strong winds, heavy rain and thunderous clouds, the storm which moved into McCulloch County Friday afternoon around 4:30 p.m. left many Brady residents in the dark for more than an hour. According to Brady City Manager Merle Taylor, the power failure Friday afternoon was a result of a tree that had fallen on a primary power line. The power outage left businesses and residences from 5th Street to near 17th Street without electricity. Taylor added that the lake area was out longer than the city due to the storm. “It was all related to the storm that came through town,” he said. “When it starts raining and the wind gets up, tree limbs can get weighed down pretty easily. The weather can cause a lot of problems that aren’t normally anticipated.” Reports Monday showed rain totals ranging from 3.80 inches at Brady Lake to 1.5 inches in Melvin. Rainfall in Brady measured 1.76 for Friday and Saturday’s precipitation combined. National weather reports showed golf-ball-sized hail and winds of up to 40 miles per hour in San Saba County and in eastern portions of McCulloch County. The rain, however, didn’t persist primarily in that area alone. Reports from Voca and Calf Creek each showed 2.80 inches of rainfall with Camp San Saba close behind with 2.60 inches. Doole, Mercury and Pear Valley each gauged 2.00 inches while Lohn registered 2.20 and Rochelle, 2.10. The Fife community recorded 2.50 inches. Late Monday evening, a storm hit in McCulloch County just three miles south of the Doole community and produced grapefruit-size hail (four inch-size). Cloudy conditions and scattered thunderstorms are expected tonight (Tuesday) with a low of 58 degrees.

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