Memorial Day tournament filling quickly

Well last week has come and gone and I wonder how time can fly by so quickly. I guess it is because we have been so busy out at the course. The Junior High golfers have embarked on the golf course. And at press time they were in their first tournament out at the Brady Golf Course. We are very pleased to see so many interested in playing golf. At this time there are 25 out to play. Our thanks go out to Coach Kilgore for working with us and keeping the boys and girls interested in learning the game of golf. The ladies had their Wednesday evening of golf on May 2. There were 21 ladies present and there were four 4-lady teams and one 5-lady team. Scores ranged from 33 to 41. Denise Nichols, Joy Millsap, Terri Virdell, and Becky Long posted the first place score with a 33. Second place went to Liz Rudder, Jamye Graves, Stephanie Wiesen, and Cynthia Quinn with a score of 34. Congratulations ladies on your good scores and we look forward to seeing more of you out for the monthly evening of golf on the first Wednesday of every month. For the Thursday evening Hully-Gully there were some 32 people out to play golf. Scores were very close with three 29s, two 30s, one 31 and two 33s. The first place team was Curtis Copeland, Charlie Bush, Eddie Mireles and Kathy Powell with a 29 and a score card play off. The second place team was Shane McCartney, Craig Steffens, Lee Williams and Ronnie McMillan with a 29 and a score card play off. The third place team was Raymond Rubio, David Hernandez, Dax Millsapp and Mae Journeay with a 29 and a score card play off. Congratulations to each of you for playing such good rounds of golf. The next Hully-Gully will be on Thursday May the 10 and you may call the Golf Shop at 597-6010 before 4:30 p.m. on Thursday to sign up to play. On Sunday May 12 will be the monthly 18 hole Hully-Gully. You must call the Golf Shop by 12:30 on Sunday to sign up to play. New members to the Heart of Texas Golf Association are Gray Carrithers and Marilyn Carrithers, and Bobbie Williams. We are getting entries in daily for the Annual Harry Priess Memorial Day Tournament. At this time we have 92 entries. The Association is taking the first 128 paid entries. The Shoot-out for Friday is full with 30 paid entries and 3 paid entries on the waiting list. Remember to come out to the Golf Shop if you need an entry sheet or to sign your self or someone else up-but paid entries only, will be accepted. Cheryl has new project going on and this time she will need volunteers to help her get this project completed before the Memorial Tournament. She is attempting to get the Golf Shop and cart barn and bathrooms painted on the outside. So if you have a couple of free hours to spare you might bring your paint brush and come on out and give her a helping hand. I know she would greatly appreciate your help! Well, in last week’s column I gave incorrect names for the winners of the Duffers in the Duffers tournament. The winning team of the Duffers part of the tournament were David Graves, David Brown, Jamye Graves, Eddie Mireles and David Hernandez. To these five people I apologize and to the other two that I incorrectly named as being on this team I apologize. I’ll do better at naming people in the future. The rains on Friday and Saturday were very welcome and it sure perked things up out at the golf course. We were beginning to get a few brown spots from the lack of water, but once again Ol’ Mother Nature blessed us with a wonderful welcome rain. If we could get a shower every once in a while the Golf Course will be in excellent shape for the Memorial Tournament. With JT’s hard work the greens are playing better with each and every day. That about does it for this week! Come on out and play a round of golf and enjoy the beauty that we are enjoying every day!

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