Class of 1937 I felt could have conquered world

The year I was graduating to the second grade was the year the senior class of 1937 was graduating from Rochelle High School. I thought they were eight feet tall and could conquer the world. The following is a list of those seniors: Zora Mae Segrest, who married one of the Parker twins, Leroyd. They lived in Ozona. Katie Merle Matthews, Evelyn Cawyer, Josephine Cottle, Billie Waddill, Margaret Cottrell, Annie Mae Rodgers, Lurlene Patterson, Louise Hurd, Leroy Engdahl, who at last account lived in Vidor. Also, J.A. Moore, Horace Carothers, J.E. Scott, Norris Hughes, Blake Gattis, Harold Burk, who was a good basketball player, Dane Griffay, who came to all of the ball games when I was in high school, Fred Roberts, a good friend of mine, Hubert Moseley, one of my heroes, Jamie Williamson, another friend who ran the Brady Savings and Loan, Kathryn Wakefield, who married my friend and trapper, Lee W. Turnell. They lived in Placid for many years, but I think they live in Brady today. Others were Geneva Jackson, Ethel Stewart, whose son was a good athlete at Brady High, Joe Cole. Berta Knutson, another good friend who was a nurse in Brady for many years and whose son is Dr. Kenneth Hudspeth. Also, Lizzie Belle Harvison, who married Ike Davenport, and we are both grandparents to Sterling Davenport Roddie and Shanon Davenport and great-grandparents to Jayce Lee Roddie and Journey Marie Roddie. Last on the list was Bonnard Lee. There were 26 in the Class of 1937. The next class in 1938 had 46 seniors, probably the largest class ever. The Class of 1920 was the smallest one with four seniors: Lera Phillips, Pauline Woodford, Cecil Holeman and Arthur Floyd.

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