The Mane Lion

The Brady Lions Club’s regular noon meeting last Thursday was reasonably well attended. The most obvious exception was the absent Lion Clay Jones, who was responsible for the day’s program. (He claims to have been tied up at work’!’!) Fortunately for those who did attend, Lion Clay had arranged for DeLaine Poe, Exec VP of our local Chamber of Commerce, to talk with the club, and she kept the bargain. Besides, she’s a lot nicer to look at and listen to than a banker. DeLaine brought the group up to date on a host of activities that are scheduled in our town. The car show that was held April 6-7 was such a success, that it is expected to double in size next year. This year’s July Jubilee will be the 75th, or diamond anniversary, edition, and special activities are being planned. The Chamber is hoping to be able to fund a $10,000 fireworks show on the evening of Tuesday, July 3. In other news, Lions Randy Richards and Zack Gray attended the Lions District Convention in San Angelo. Lion Randy even received a special certificate from the District for recruiting new members. He reported on other happenings at the convention, and said that it was a very good gathering of Lions. One of the ‘We Serve’ projects that I’ve mentioned before in this column is the recycling of eyeglasses. Lion Randy relayed to us that our District 2-A1 recycling center has distributed over 500,000 eyeglasses to those who need them in underprivileged areas. That’s a lot of people being helped to see.

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