Teacher hurt as auto and train collide

May 3-6, 1960 Miss Lucille Welch, Brady High School English and speech teacher, is recovering in Brady Hospital from injuries suffered about 5 p.m. Sunday afternoon when the car she was driving was struck by a Santa Fe freight train at the Selman Crossing, about five miles east of Rochelle. Mrs. Welch suffered a broken right arm, between the elbow and the shoulder, a possible rib fracture, bruises and shock. She underwent surgery on her arm Monday afternoon, and was resting well Tuesday morning. The Brady teacher was returning home from Goldthwaite after a weekend visit with her family there. The skies were overcast, and it was sprinkling enough to “mess up my windshield,” she said. “I did not see the train until it was too late. I applied my brakes, but my car skidded down the track and the train hit me.” Miss Welch was thrown to the pavement, and her car, completely demolished, was shoved aside. The long freight train stopped, uncoupled to permit traffic to pass and the victim was rushed to Brady Hospital by Buck Rogers, San Angelo watchmaker, who with his family, was enroute home. Santa Fe officials showed concern over her condition, and one representative was at the hospital Monday. A member of the Brady High School faculty for 14 years, Miss Welch always drove to her home beyond Goldthwaite on Friday afternoon to be with her aged parents, and it was customary for her to return to Brady Sunday afternoon. “My blue job (speaking for her car), “is done for, but I was ready to trade it in for a new one,” Miss Welch said philosophically. But members of her classes may get a break this final month of school: “I don’t see how I’ll be able to grade my papers.” Barring complications, Miss Welch is expected to be hospitalized about two weeks. * * * Student officers, pep leaders elected Brady High School students, in runoff elections last week, named three officers for the Student Council to serve for the 1960-1961 school year. Jimmy Hill, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hill, was elected president. Harry Bowden, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bowden, won the vice president’s job, and Barbara McCord, daughter of Mrs. L.D. Mask of Brady and A.G. McCord of Yoakum, was elected secretary. Runners-up in the election were Dan Salter for president, George Kidd for vice president, and Joyce Haynes for secretary. Four cheerleaders also were elected, including a pair of sisters, Joyce and Marilyn Haynes, Mary Cole and Janice Bell. The Haynes sisters are daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Noel Haynes; Mary is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Cole; and Janice is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M.A. Bell. Janice Kuhlmann, daughter of Mrs. Norma Kuhlmann, was elected alternate cheerleader. * * * Rochelle Lions Club names new officers Officers for Rochelle Lions Club for 1960-1961 have been elected as follows: President, C.W. Thompson; first vice president, George Kidd; second vice president, Kenneth Mitchell; third vice president, Dayton Boren; secretary-treasurer, Leon Lee; lion tamer, M.J. Doss; tail twister, Erick Lemke. Directors for the year include Richard Bratton, Charles Hare, R.L. Smith and Hubert Moseley. * * * Stacy and Doole News Mr. and Mrs. Albert Crumley and daughter Alva Jene spent the Easter holidays with their daughter, Lanelle, and family of Dallas. Miss Sharon Garner was back in the hospital last week. We hope she is doing a lot better. Mrs. Babb Taylor and Bob Gressler, Mrs. Almon Martin and Mrs. George Allen were guests for the monthly social and barbecue at Salt Gap last Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Hallmark sold and delivered 254 hens to a man in Zephyr Thursday night. They were overnight guests in the home of Mrs. Hallmark’s sister, Mrs. Walter Struke, and Mr. Strucke. They visited for the noon day meal in the home of their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Freeman of Brownwood on their return home Friday. * * * Miller, Finlay applauded for long service Charlie Miller and James Finlay, Sr., finally succeeded in resigning Sunday as officers of the Lohn Valley Protective Association. They has served ever since the association was organized 27 years ago and have been attempting to retire without success for the last several years. They received a standing ovation from the 75 to 80 members present Sunday at the association’s annual barbecue held on the B.B. Cornils ranch northeast of Lohn. Elected to succeed Miller and Finlay were David Dutton, president; James Finlay, Jr., secretary; and Paul Lohn, vice president. J.T. (Dutch) Woodward is the retiring vice president. * * * PERSONAL MENTIONS In Brady Hospital John F. Moran, assistant cashier of the Commercial National Bank, and president of the Ol’ Houn’ Dawgs’ Club, was admitted to Brady Hospital last Thursday with a kidney ailment.

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