Renovation bids due by Tuesday, May 8

With one week to go before the deadline to submit renovation bids for the old McCulloch Electric Building, the Brady City Council could be voting to approve a contractor in the near future. Purchased three years ago by the City of Brady, the building is the future site of the EMS department, municipal court and police department. Stated Monday by Brady City Manager Merle Taylor, the plans have been requested by six contractors and bids are due at City Hall by May 8. Lengthy in its content, the renovation plan specifies changes that range from installation of security and safety lights within the perimeter to the reconditioning of the ambulance doors. It was initially intended to also house the Brady Fire Department in the building along with the other three entities, but the City chose not to include the fire department, “because there wasn’t enough floor space available,” said Taylor. Minor renovations have already been tackled by City of Brady employees and include tree trimming and interior painting to areas that don’t require extensive remodeling. “They’ve also restored some of the paneling, and they’ve built some offices for the EMS department,” added Taylor. All of the three offices will be accessible through the front entry on South Elm Street. After bids are reviewed by the city, the staff will make a recommendation to the council for approval. Taylor did add that some of the contractors are requesting an additional week before final bids are due. “We have to decide whether we’re going to allow an extension or to abide by the original deadline,” he said.

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