Remembering the women in Rochelle town

I have written about all the men of the Rochelle area who have influenced me in my growing up days. There have been many women who influenced and helped me in many ways. The first homes I would go to if we were in a scavenger hunt or needing help would be the many widow women who were always glad to help and seemed like they all lived on the east side of Rochelle. They included Mrs. Virdell, Mrs. Cates, Miss Sally Bratton, Mrs. Nix, Mrs. Davee, Mrs. Cottle, Mrs. Burk, Mrs. Bentley, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Davis and several more. I always liked going to the drug store in Rochelle which was mostly run or owned by women. It seemed like the following always made me a thicker milk shake and let me charge it if I was broke. These were Mary Jo Wood, Mrs. Wood Ford, Mrs. Berquist, Peggy Boyd and Naomi Lash, Mrs. Shad McVay and others. At Gainer Store in Rochelle, Mrs. Gainer, who we all called Miss Ella, was always there and let me charge Levi’s and Justin boots. I have heard that Miss Ella never missed a day except when S.H. was born in 52 years at the store. Maxine Cottle was always nice to me when she ran Cottle’s Grocery. I always enjoyed Ruby Griffay at the post office, Mrs. Parrish at the phone office, Nettie Burt at the library, Margarite Williams at the cafe, and my hometown teachers’Hestel Allen, Kinola Burk, Fay and Billie Pool from Mercury, Amy Fowler and many more. My favorite of all women was my mother, Bill Mitchell. She was the best cook, best nurse, best buddy, best pal, and the best friend I had. She got Parkinson’s disease when she was 47-years-old and passed away in July 1963. FACT’TIP More than 99.9 percent of the species that ever lived on the earth were extinct before the coming of man.

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