Home is where you hang your feathers

The family is growing! Adeline the courthouse chicken and her significant other Foghorn, are now the proud parents of two new baby chicks. After Adeline’s arrival last year, she has caught the attention of passers by and has even been the topic of conversation in stories throughout the area. Rick Smith of the San Angelo Standard-Times recently spoke of Adeline and her home on the square in a column he wrote about Texas courthouses. It seems this growing family of yard birds has adopted the town of Brady as its own and now have squatter’s rights on the downtown square. Just about any time of the day, the young family can be seen milling about. Many courthouse regulars claim that the chickens have a guardian angel watching over them as they recall numerous instances where the chickens have been seen crossing the street in the middle of heavy traffic. Earlier this week, the new chicks took their first steps outside their small henhouse that sits on the sidewalk on the east side of the building. The small domicile, a miniature wooden home constructed by Lindsey Passmore still has three unhatched eggs nestled amongst the hay that was placed there by members of the courthouse staff. Some of the staff have even adopted the family of chickens and provide them with daily helpings of chicken feed.

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