Spring showers, cooler temps visit McCulloch

Cool temperatures, heavy wind gusts and a considerable amount of rainfall graced much of McCulloch County in the early morning hours on Monday. Rainfall in the northern and eastern portions of the county was heavy with large amounts of precipitation recorded in Rochelle, East Sweden and Placid. Folks in Rochelle recorded scattered amounts of rainfall ranging from 0.50 to 0.90 inch while Placid’s totals were anywhere from 0.70 inch to 1.10 inches. Calf Creek topped out at 1.00 inch and East Sweden was close behind with 0.75 inch. According to East Sweden resident and retired weatherman for the United States Air Force, Bert Strieg-ler, “There was a tightly wound-up low pressure center that started out in eastern Arizona and moved up in a line roughly through the Panhandle. “On Monday night we had a Pacific front move through below that low and that along with the pileup of moisture in the area brought in the thunderstorm. It’s pretty normal for this time of the year,” he explained. Striegler added that “the air circulates around a low counter-clockwise and since the low was north and west of us, that caused the wind to come from the south violently which gave us some pretty interesting weather.” In Melvin, precipitation records stretched from 0.40 to 0.70 inch. Voca recorded 0.70 inch, Brady registered 0.45 inch and Brady Lake recorded 0.25. Neighboring communities, Lohn and Pear Valley recorded similar precipitation amounts with 0.20 and 0.30 inch. Camp San Saba brought in 0.40 inch.

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