Sparse crowds at rodeo, but $69,000 paid in prizes

Despite a lack of public support of last week’s Bad to the Bone Pro Rodeo, cowboys and cowgirls participating in the three-day event were paid over $69,000 in prize money. Sparse crowds at the three evening performances were treated to some of the best rodeo action in the state as top riders and ropers battled for the purse. In the McCulloch County Team Roping Challenge, Dale Harrell and Tory Morrison took the average on three head with a 28.0 second total while the team of Tommy Morrison and Kirby Jones were the short go winners with a time of 8.0 seconds. Harrell and Morrison were also the four head average winners with a time of 45.4 seconds. These teams will represent McCulloch County in the upcoming team roping statewide challenge that will be held in Del Rio. In professional action, Don Eddleman, a steer roper and calf roper won the all around cowboy title with a paycheck of $1,094 while all around cowgirl Schelli Walls pulled in a $540 paycheck with top runs in barrel racing and breakaway roping. Nationally ranked team ropers Steve Purcella and Kory Koontz took the top spot in the first go round of team roping while Blaine Linaweaver and Jory Levy took first in the second. The two teams tied in the averages category each with a score of 10.9 seconds on two head. Charley Russell of Shamrock took the average first place in calf roping with an average time of 17.5 while Joseph Gernentz and Justin Maass tied for first in the first round each with a time of 8.2 seconds. Rusty Sewalt took first in the second with a time of 8.1 seconds. Less than one half second separated the top four spots in each of the go rounds in calf roping. Steer wrestling first round winner was Mickey Gee of Wichita Falls with a time of 4.0 seconds while the second round was a tie between Barry Simpton and Chad Weaver at 4.3 seconds. Steer roping first round was won by Chet Herron in 10.1 seconds while semiretired former world champion Roy Cooper took the second round with a time of 9.5 seconds. Mary Carter of Odessa won the WRPA barrel race with a time of 17.41 while Karen Smith of San Saba took the top spot in PWRA breakaway roping with a blazing time of 2.8 seconds.

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