Nearly everyone had a nickname in Rochelle

Nicknames have been around for many years. I was 19 years old and joining the Air Force when they told me I had to have another name except “Tootsie.” I was named “Tootsie” by Francis Crew Yates when I was about six months old. Have been called that and other names for 70 years. When we were kids growing up, we all called people nicknames and some were not too nice. I have seen a few fistfights over name calling, but most of the people I knew around Rochelle and McCulloch County wouldn’t answer by any other name. I have known several “Busters” such as “Buster” Brown, “Buster” Sayles, “Buster” Bolton, “Buster” Quain and “Buster” Williams. Several of the Cottles we called “Red.” Fulton Squires, we called “Skeet” and his wife was called “Skipper.” Gaylord Hubbard is still “Happy” Hubbard. Two of the Lemke boys werre called “Tinker” and “Butch.” Doyal Cates was “Red” Cates and his brother, Troy, was “Groceries” or “Groce.” Aubrey Knight was “Darkie,” Ella Rae Whitaker, we called “Pete,” and her brother, Evans, was “Shavings.” G.W. Davenport was always “Ike,” and his brother, Alston, was “Sonny.” Two more “Reds” were “Red” Simpson and Vernon “Red” Ables. Hubert Moseley was “Tuffy” and Edward Dennis was “Mutt.” Dr. Landon Gault was “Salty” and Gordon Yates, “Nig.” Elizabeth Wingo was “Skeezix.” Boyd Turner was always “Strawberry,” and Glenn Smith was “Popeye.” James Williamson was “Bussy,” and Jayton Segrest was “Hooks.” His brother we called “Puddy,” and another brother was “Blondie.” Elmer Roper was “Cooter,” and Ardell Brown was “Horse Fly.” Joe Shafer will always be “Shorty,” Frank Turner was “Paco,” while James Smith was “Bunny.” James Morris will always be “Scooter,” and Alvin Bolton is still “Bullfrog.” There are three “Skinnys”‘”Skinny” McFarland, “Skinny” McCall and “Skinny” Davenport. And two “Fats,” “Fat” Appleton and “Fat” Hillyard.

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