Jubilee float wins 2nd in San Antonio

April 26-29, 1960 Despite some trouble with the lighting system, the July Jubilee float won second place Saturday night in San Antonio’s Fiesta Flambeau Parade. First place went to Fredericksburg, and third to Seguin. “They had a beautiful float,” James Isbell said of the Fredericksburg entry. “We were just tickled to death with second place.” The Fredericksburg float was designed with a huge golden bee hive at the rear with a giant bee slowly circling the hive. Brady and Fredericksburg have been swapping out the first and second place awards at the Flambeau for the last several years. The Jubilee float’s lights are powered by a portable generator borrowed from the Brady Volunteer Fire Department. The generator is operated by a small gasoline engine, much like a power lawn mower. The lights were operating perfectly as the float was being judged before the parade. “The judges must have been sweating. They came by us four times,” Isbells aid. Finally, one of the judges handed over the red ribbon to Jubilee Queen Ann Cates, remarking: “You just smiled us out of second place.” Then the lights failed. The float workers pulled and pulled on the rope, trying to start the engine again, and they finally got it going just as the parade was moving out. “Then they went out again just as we entered Alamo Plaza. But we got them on again. They were off about four blocks,” Isbell said. After the parade started, the float workers went downtown to watch their “baby” come by’and they picked a spot where the lights were out. “We were just sick,” said Mrs. Bob Henry. In San Antonio to set up the float were Mr. and Mrs. Isbell, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Huffman, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Powell and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ake. Some went down Friday and started working on the float early Saturday morning, after Kenneth Morris had hauled the float accessories (the scrolls, side blisters, figurines, etc.) to San Antonio. The float was ready to go by 12:30 p.m. Saturday. “We then went to the hotel to get some rest and to get the girls dressed. We had to be in line by 4:30 p.m.” In addition to Jubilee Queen Ann Cates, Bobbie Cook of Melvin and Ann Virdell of Rochelle rode on the float. Lanny Smith of Melvin, escort for Bobbie, drove the float in the parade as Ernest Ake of Brady operated the power plant. * * * Water committee in Washington; lake bill gains A bill in Congress, of vital interest to the proposed Brady lake, made more progress Tuesday. Already passed by the House and the Senate, it had been sent back to the House for approval of amendments made in the Senate. Brady’s City Water Board, in Washington this week working in behalf of the lake, wired The Herald Tuesday afternoon. “House committee Tuesday passed the amendment to the watershed bill.” In Washington are board chairman Leo Oates, C.P. Rockwell and John Sloane and Brady Mayor R.M. Priesmeyer. They left Sunday to confer with Soil Conservation Service officials in regard to the Brady lake project. * * * Only one area still unfinished in Census Only one district in Brady was still incomplete this week in the 1960 Census of McCulloch County. “It probably will take the rest of this week to finish the district,” crew leader Bill Huffman said, urgent that people within the district wait for the enumerator before reporting that they have been missed. Mrs. T.A. Key had been taking the Census in the district but became sick. The district will be completed by Mrs. John Henry Campbell. The district is bounded on the west by South Bridge, on the north by east 11th Street, on the east by the Old Mason Road and on the south by a line running along East 15th Street to Bradley, south one half block to Avenue C and then east on Avenue C to the Old Mason Road. Except for a few call-backs, all other districts in McCulloch and mason Counties were completed this week, and Huffman said anyone who believes he has been missed is urged to notify the District Census Office in San Angelo by means of “Were you counted'” forms being printed in area newspapers as a public service. Prompt mailing of the forms will speed up compilation of preliminary population figures for the county. Preliminary figures will be announced for counties and for cities of more than 10,000 population as soon as the district supervisor is convinced that a complete count has been made. Final detailed population figures will be issued later this year in Washington. San Angelo District Supervisor W.G. Stacy emphasized the importance of a complete count: “Federal aid funds are allotted to state and state funds in turn are allotted to counties and municipalities on a per capita basis. A short count therefore would mean a short allotment. The help of every resident in the area is needed to get a complete census.” * * * County has 8 winners in 4-H district meet McCulloch County’s 4-H Clubs had eight winners Saturday at the District 7 contests in San Angelo. Those who placed first and second in the senior division will represent the district at the State 4-H Roundup at College Station June 7-9. Jerrilyn Lohn was first in the senior public speaking, and Cheryl Huffman was first in the senior “share the fun” event. As the first place winner, Cheryl was invited to “share her fun” with the entire group of 4-H delegates Saturday afternoon in the San Angelo College auditorium. Her routine included a song and an act with a hand puppet. McCulloch County’s safety demonstration team of Mary Dennis and Carolyn Huffman was second in the senior division. The junior division winners were: ‘Dairy foods individual: Cheryl Knight, third. ‘Safety team: Maggie Carole Creech and Vicki Gamblin, second. ‘Electric team: Bim Edwards and Al Carrol, second. ‘Public speaking: Lanier Lohn, second. ‘Range judging team: John Morrow, Dugan Calliham, Earl Burk and Frank Corder, Jr., first. * * * PERSONAL MENTIONS 10 jurors selected Ten jurors had been selected Monday night in Austin for the murder trial of Rollie White Ledbetter. Judge Charles O. Betts overruled a defense motion Monday to declare a mistrial in the case. * * * Calls grandparents Charles Miller who is a student at the University at Seattle, Wash., called his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Miller Sunday night to inquire when they planned to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Miller at Benton City, Wash. Charles plans to fly down and drive his grandparents to Washington. * * * visit in Dallas Mr. and Mrs. H.L. Braly spent the Easter weekend in Dallas visiting Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Braly and baby.

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