Commissioners meet with COG official on economic development

The McCulloch County Commissioners met with Marcos Mata of the Concho Valley Council of Governments on Monday morning in a special session to discuss the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). According to Mata who previously met with the Brady City Council in regular session, COG is working to develop this economic plan with the aid of the cities and counties that are members of the 15-county group. CEDS is a plan that will tell COG what it is that is needed by Brady and McCulloch County to further economic development. COG’s responsibility is to aid in a long-term action plan and provide whatever support is necessary to assist in getting from point A to point B. “This plan is basically an overall economic development strategy for the entire area, and this was McCulloch County’s particular portion of it,” said McCulloch County Judge Randy Young.” There are basically four elements of the plan: an analysis which looks at what needs to be done; a vision which portrays what the county would like things to be like; an action plan that lays out time periods and delegates specific tasks; and an evaluation plan which allows county officials to check to see if the goals are being accomplished and if not, what actions need to be taken to ensure they are. “We last did it in 1997 and have now accomplished a few of the things that we set out to do then. Now we’re going back and updating not only the elements of this plan and submitting it back to them, but in turn they’ll be updating theirs as well,” explained Judge Young. In other business, the Commissioners didn’t take any action on the item requested by Scott Garner of D&S Towing. Garner requested to address the Commissioners regarding the non-consent towing policy of the county. According to Judge Young, Garner failed to appear at the Commissioner’s meeting.

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