66 donors attend Meek Blood Drive

Sixty-six donors gave “the gift of life” during the last Meek Blood Drive. Frances Baker, donor recruiter, thanks the following donors on behalf of the numerous recipients. The blood supply is used in 15 medical facilities located throughout the Texas Midwest. Donors included Nan S. Crouch, Alicia Garcia, Kitty Bratton, James B. Dennis, Brian S. McDougal, Charles Jeffrey, Stacey Evans, Rosa Cross, Kathy Jordan, Sheryl Roberts, Aimee Taliaferro, Gil Olinger, Karen Langseth, Allison Dodds, Camille Sammons, Rikki Gott, Tommi Ann Wright, Jan Wigginton, Mickey Brosig, Lisa Fible, Becky Moore, Howard L. Cox Jr., Kay Springer, Farrah Ramon, Nicola Bratton, Barbie Williams, Melba Jones, Norman D. Walthall, Pam Wigginton, Michelle Harmon, Karla Griffith, Debra Groomes, Tammy Epley, Mary Dodds, Sue McCarley, Garland Roberts, Rosie Villarreal, Joe M. Pe’a, Teresa Najera, Leroy Keese, Rebecca Cruz, Will Bratton, Kim Bomer, Wesley Hemingway, Richard Hemingway, Shelia Ellison, Lori Underwood, Christy Everett, W.K. Spencer, Kim Bowden, Roy D. Short, Dean Hudson, Brenda Couvillion, Gina Dicus, Frankie J. Chandler, George M. Amthor IV, Tannya D. Lacy, Vesta Kay Curry, Rita Neal, Sara Soto, Amanda Woodall, Cameron Mays, Jane Pitcox, Charles M. Langseth, Annette Y. Deans, Joe N. Brown.

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