Verona surprised for 75th birthday

Verona Garner celebrated her 75th birthday Saturday, April 7, with a surprise birthday party given by her husband, Paul. Her children and grandchildren, who live in New Mexico, arrived unannounced in Brady late Friday evening. Her son Robert and wife, Debra, prepared dinner Friday night. On Saturday, other family members arrived in Brady and birthday party plans were made. At 7 p.m. on Saturday, Paul took her out. When they arrived at the party house, they were greeted by family and friends. Those attending were son and daughter-in-law, William and Linda Sephus, son Robert and daughter-in-law Debra, daughter Karen and son-in-law Raymond, grandchildren Kela, Meka, Denin and Cedrick, great-grand children, Ray, Kanesha, Tosha, Tavin and Tyreon and other relatives and friends. Ruby Burnett, Verona’s sister from San Antonio, came down with her nephew, Larry. Other guests were Rubin Peterson, Michael and Lisa from San Angelo, Nicki and Sedric from Austin, Bob and Lee Davee, Amie Lott, Vernon and Martha Jones, Pearlie Williams, Kathryn Robinson, Clarence and Mary McGowan, Damon Lott, Pauline and Dan, Buddie Harkrider, Sandy, Kim, Tiffany and Micky, all of Brady. Verona received happy birthday calls from California, Beaumont, San Antonio and New York. This was a surprise birthday party that she will remember always.

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