Letter to the editor

Dear Editor, This year’s Easter Egg hunt at the courthouse was very disappointing, as well as upsetting, for me and my two children. There were very few eggs for the kids, but the most upsetting thing of all was to see an adult woman fighting, pulling and tugging at a large egg that contained gift certificates, which my son had found and did pick up first. It’s a pretty sad sight when an adult has to play tug-of-war with a child. I always thought an egg hunt was for the benefit of the children, not the parents. Nevertheless, I went home with two kids crying because my youngest child got only one egg and my other child got in a tugging match with an adult and lost his prized egg. However, we will be back next year and hope all will be well as in the previous years. But I do suggest, to whomever donated the gift certificates in the prized egg, they should just donate more eggs for the children of Brady, as to eliminate the competition, so we may avoid this kind of incident in the years to come. Signed, RACHEL EDWARDS, Brady, Tex.

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