Gwen’s Golfin’ Gab

I can really tell Spring is here as we are getting busier with more golfers at the golf course. Last week was really a good week for us. Tuesday was the High School District Tournament here and then the high schoolers went to Llano for the second day of the District Tournament. We are very proud to say that the Brady boys and Brady girls golf team both brought home second place trophies. And our thanks go to Coach Kilgore for bringing the trophies out to the Golf Shop for us to enjoy. Our congratulations go out to all the high school golfers that are going on to Regionals in Corpus Christi. We are very proud of each one of you. Thursday was the weekly Hully-Gully and there was 32 golfers out for the nine hole Hully-Gully. The winning team posted a score of 30 and consisted of Michael Valdez, Craig Steffens, Mark Jones and Dannye Calley. Second Place team posted a 31 and consisted of Geoff Elrod, Gabe Moreno, Chris Cummins and Kathy Powell. Second and third places went to a scorecard playoff and was won by the Elrod team. Third place went to Shane McCartney, Charlie Bush, Jim DuBose and Kae Ball. Congratulations to the winners and remember you are accumulating points each time you place in the first, second, and third places. Other scores were: three 31s, two 32s, 33 and 34. There will be another Thursday Hully Gully this week so be sure to call the Golf Shop by 4:30 on Thursday to sign up to play. The phone number is 597-6010. New members to the Heart of Texas Golf Association last week were Gabriel Moreno and Clay Jones. Welcome to the Association and we hope you come out and play golf every week. Saturday was a very busy day at the golf course with some 97 players going through the course for that day. I guess everyone that came to Brady to visit for the Easter Holiday came out and played golf. We also had a Verizon tournament on Saturday morning which prevented some people from playing until about 1p.m. The 28 Verizon players enjoyed their tournament and were very complimentary on how the golf course looked and played. Also on Saturday, Heath Evens had a hole-in-one on hole 8. Heath used a seven iron and the ball bounced one time on the green and went in the hole. Congratulations Heath! Ladies I think there is talk of having a ladies’ evening of golf on April 23. If you are interested in playing you can call me at the Golf Shop and sign up and maybe volunteer to bring a covered dish of some sort. Call Gwen at 597-6010. Also golfers remember the Chamber of Commerce Duffers Tournament is coming up on April 28. Call the Chamber of Commerce to sign your team up. This week consists of J.T. top dressing the greens. Today when I was out at the golf course they were sanding the greens. With a few days of rolling and watering left to do, play will resume on Thursday. Well that about covers it for this week! Be sure to tell the high school golfers you are proud of them and good luck in regional play and come out and play golf every chance you get.

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