Lohn HS students compete in UIL, language festival

Twelve students from Lohn High School competed in the District 15A UIL Academic meet held in Trent on Tuesday, March 27. David Hays placed second in Science and will compete at the Regional meet in Abilene on April 20. He also placed fourth in Computer Science. Jana Solsbery placed fourth and Samantha Johnstone fifth in Poetry Interpretation. Other Lohn students participating included Richard Bivens, Jennifer Hays, Stephanie Fischer, Crystal Valdez, Tanya Swenson, Victoria Galindo, Bill Fore, Brandon Pearce and Justin Pierce. Sixteen students from Lohn High School participated in the annual Foreign Language Festival hosted by the Modern Language Department of Angelo State University on Friday, March 23. Students competed in a variety of contests designed to encourage them in the study of foreign languages. Approximately 2,000 students from large and small schools across the state participated. Lohn’s results included the following: Ashley Orosco, superior in Poetry Reading; Jana Solsbery, excellent in Prose Reading, superior in Sight Reading; Tanya Swenson, excellent in Prose Reading; Jessica Mendez, Excellent in Prose Reading; Crystal Valdez, excellent in Poetry Reading; David Hays, good in Prose Reading; Jeremy Couvillion, good in Poetry Reading; Victoria Galindo, good in Prose Reading; Samantha Johnstone, good in Poetry Reading; Jared Covin, good in Sight Reading; Chance Anderson, good in Sight Reading. A skit performed by eight of the students received an excellent rating. Performers were Jessica Soto, Jessica Mendez, Daniel Salinas, Jeremy Couvillion, Jared Covin, Tanya Swenson, David Hays and Victoria Galindo. Also competing in the festival was a puppet show performed by Jana Solsbery, Samantha Johnstone, Chance Anderson, Richard Bivens, Justin Pierce, Ashley Orosco, Crystal Valdez and Bill Fore.

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