Letter of Appreciation

The Casa Care Bake Sale held last Saturday at Wal-Mart was a resounding success thanks to all the support of the citizens of McCulloch County. A large number of citizens baked and donated goodies to be sold and almost everyone who went to Wal-Mart that morning purchased something homemade to take home to their family. The total proceeds from the sale amounted to $1,263. Wal-Mart contributed $500, bringing the total to $1,763. The Casa Care directors who organized the event and sold the baked goods (Barbara Bolton, Ila Mitchell, Marjorie Barnhill and Mary Ann Smith) tried to keep a list of everyone who contributed. A big thank you goes to Cheryl Wigginton, Dorothy Kyzar, Ray Bever, Cotton Car-michael, Wanda McBee, Norma Ridout, Anna Lu Whitesell, Mary Manning, Eileen Adams, Bobbye Petty, Mary Sue Fields, Bobbie Jordan, Glenda Middleton, Connie Locklear, Peggy Smith, Jo Keese, Joann Dalgard, Martha Thompson, Monica Curry, Sandra Barley, Becky Cortez, Edna Mueller, Lola Stephenson, Jeanette Sharp, Joanne Baugh, Irene Ruiz, Jodie Carroll, Mary King, Barbara Moorman, Nila Weeks and Lil Johnson. The directors wish to thank all the bakers and those who bought baked goods to support our community’s after-school program at Casa Care.

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