Lake plans require more work before election

April 12-15, 1960 More planning and more negotiations must be completed before Brady can call a bond election to finance the proposed Brady Lake, Brady citizens were reminded this week. “We have lots of work to do,” said Mayor-elect R.M. Priesmeyer. “We still don’t know what the lake will cost, and we’re going to have to tell the people what it will cost before we hold an election’ “And we’re still waiting, too, for that bill to pass the Senate.” The City’s Water Committee has tentative estimates, of course, but is still working to reduce the cost. The Senate bill mentioned by Priesmeyer would make Brady eligible for a low-interest loan from the Farmers Home Administration. A water permit for the Brady Lake was granted late Tuesday afternoon by the State Board of Water Engineers in Austin. Alex Pope, a Fort Worth attorney who represented Brady at the hearing before the board Tuesday morning, said that terms of the permit “are quite satisfactory to us.” The City Council and the Water Committee also were pleased with the permit. “They cut us down a little, but nothing to hurt,” Priesmeyer said. The only major reduction is in the amount of water Brady would be permitted to use from the lake each year. The size of the lake itself was essentially unchanged. The permit authorizes Brady to build a dam to impound a total of 30,000 acre-feet of water on Brady Creek (Brady had asked for 30,340 acre-feet). Although the permit does not mention it, the dam also will be high enough to impound an additional 60,000 acre-feet for flood control. The flood control water, of course, would be held only temporarily, being released automatically through a draw-down tube in the dam, at a rate to prevent flooding of Brady downstream. The permit will authorize Brady to take 3,500 acre-feet of water from the lake annually’3,000 for municipal use and 500 for industrial use. Brady also has an old permit granted years ago when the small dam was built at Richards Park, intended originally as a city water supply. It authorizes Brady to use 724 acre feet of water annually from Brady Creek and was left unchanged by the state board Tuesday. In its new application Brady was asking for a total of 4,800 acre-feet but had agreed to give up the old permit if the new one was granted, depending on the board’s wishes. The board’s action Tuesday in effect reduced the City’s request only about 600 acre feet. * * * Tornado kills ex-resident of Camp San Saba Jefferson B. Kidd, who was reared at Camps San Saba, was one of four victims killed Tuesday night when a tornado all but wiped out the Sunnyside community, 15 miles south of Dimmit in the Texas Panhandle. Mr. Kidd, of Plainview, was a brother of M.E. Kidd of Brady. Active in the Baptist Church, he was attending a church service at Sunnyside, a community of 35 or 40 persons, when the tornado smashed the building. With him but not hurt was his son, Jerry, 23, who had just returned last Saturday from a year of military service in Honolulu. A woman standing outside the church spotted the tornado and shouted an alarm. The congregation dashed for storm cellars, but some failed to get there in time. In addition to the four dead, more than 30 persons were injured. Mr. Kidd was president of the Brotherhood at the First Baptist Church in Plainview. He attended school at Mason and was a graduate of Texas A&M. His first wife, who died about 15 years ago, was the former Nina Mae Wade of Brady, sister of Mrs. B.A. Hallum, Sr., of Brady. Funeral services were held in Plainview at 3 p.m. Thursday. Survivors are his wife; two sons, Jerry, 23 and Johnny, 13; the brother, M.E. Kidd of Brady; a sister, Mrs. Walter Jordan of Mason; and an aunt in Brady, Mrs. H.P.C. Evers. * * * Senate okays water bill Senator Lyndon Johnson, in a telegram Thursday afternoon, informed the Brady Water Committee: “Pleased to advise Senate has passed watershed bill with committee amendments. Bill now goes to House for acceptance of Senate amendments.” * * * Lohn News Mr. and Mrs. B. Tetens of Dallas spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Moore. Joining the group for a visit Saturday night were Mr. and Mrs. Gaston Moore of Melvin, Mr. and Mrs. R.D. Moore, Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Priest, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Horne, Mr. and Mrs. Grady Moore and Dicky, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Moore and sons. The high school students participated in the Interscholastic League at the Eden school last Friday when Tommy Finlay won first place in poetry reading. Barbara Finlay and Carolyn Hodges placed first in spelling and Joan Fullagar won third place in poetry reading. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Leonard, Cindy and Earl of Rotan were weekend guests of Mrs. Opal Browning. Jim Edwards, son of Supt. and Mrs. D.E. Edwards, suffered a broken left arm when he was playing ball on the school grounds Friday afternoon. He was fitted with a cast at the Brady Hospital, and was able to resume his school studies Monday. Weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Bloomer and family were Mr. and Mrs. Lavon Hutton, Rhonda, Ronald and Diane of Norton. Lee Bloomer who is a student in Texas Tech also arrived Saturday for a week’s visit with his parents during Easter vacation. * * * Rochelle has 25 on honor roll Twenty-five students are on the honor roll for the fifth six-weeks term at Rochelle. As announced by principal Glen Morgan, the honor roll is as follows: Seniors: Kay Carroll, Gloria Haywood, Billy Mohr and Bill Price. Juniors: Charles Hare and Ronnie Nowlin. Sophomores: Ray Doyal, Kirby Huffman, Doran Lemke and Jon Pool Underwood. Eighth: Janet Lemke. Seventh: Carol Haywood and Donnie Kilgore. Sixth: Jean Adams, Ronnie Mohr, Janet Smith and Mike Thompson. Fifth: Dickie Bell, Kathy Doyal, Vicki Gamblin and Sylvia Huffman. Fourth: Brenda Deeds, Lynn Passmore and K.O. Williamson. Third: Deanie Smith. * * * PERSONAL MENTIONS Here from Fort Worth Mrs. O.R. Galloway and daughter, Mrs. Clyde Pemberton of Fort Worth, arrived the first day of the week to spend a few days here as guests of their daughter and sister, Mrs. R.E. Meers, and Mr. Meers.

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