Everything’s wrong as Burnet hammers the Lady Dogs, 24-0

The Burnet Lady Bulldogs scored 23 runs in the first inning and went on to defeat the Brady softball team in Burnet last Friday night, 24-0. Brady coach Micki Templeton said, “Well, we did not have a good night at all. My pitchers worked hard all year long, but at Burnet, we had an off night in a bad way.” The game only lasted 2 1/2 innings with Brady pitchers walking 16 batters. “We also had our fielding mistakes that made it even worse,” the coach said. Jana Partin managed a double for the Brady team while Vickie Raybion hit the ball well, but was thrown out. Kati Hines, Stacy Lohn and Crystal Pitcox got to first base by walks. “A total of 29 Burnet batters went to the plate in the first inning,” Templeton said. “We gave up 13 walks and committed five errors. Burnet had 12 singles and two doubles in that frame.” Stefanie Crawford and Brooke Young shared pitching the first inning and Hines pitched the second inning. “Watching my team fall apart last Friday was the hardest thing I have had to do thus far as a coach. My pitchers did their best and gave me 100 percent, but we were just off on our pitching. When we did get on with the pitching, the fielders were in such a daze or shock from the pitching that we had mental shutdown on fielding mechanics,” Templeton said. “My heart and soul truly went out to the girls because everything we seemed to do blew up in our faces. All the girls tried but their efforts seemed to go unnoticed. “Our last two games have been huge disappointments not only for me, but for the girls as a team. We all know that we are a better team than we have shown lately. We are all working together on trying to fix and work out our problems and end on a good positive note,” the coach said. After a game with Liberty Hill here on Thursday, the girls will wrap up the season here on Friday, April 20 against Wimberley.

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