Catch all of the dirty criminals except for me

Law enforcement never was my cup of tea, but I have a lot of friends in that profession. I always was amused at Luke Vogel. Luke never said anyone was bad. If he had arrested Bonnie and Clyde Barrow, he would have said, “Ol’ Clyde is a pretty good ol’ boy.” That sure is better than pulling a gun on everyone you stop. Most of us from around Rochelle have spent more time running from the law than running for the law, such as sheriff or judge. There have been seeral from around Rochelle who have worked as sheriff, judge, justice of the peace, nightwatchmen, etc. The first one that I know of from Rochelle was T.L. Sansom, who was justice of the peace in 1900. He ws elected sheriff in 1907 and served until 1910 in the county. O.C. Waddill was elected sheriff #7 in McCulloch County. J.P. Williamson was sheriff #10. Glenn Weatherman, another Rochelle graduate, was sheriff #13 and spent some 40+ years in law enforcement. Bill Strickland, whose wife ran a beauty shop in Rochelle, was sheriff #14. Johnny King, who served as Bill’s deputy, was elected sheriff #15 and still lives in Rochelle. John Anderson was a nightwatch-man in Rochelle and Brady for many years. Claude Knight was county judge in the early ’50s. Joe Whitaker and Elmer Roper both served as deputies while Willard Roper was a boarder patrolman, until his retirement. Shad Bryson and his wife, Doris, both Rochelle graduates, have been in law for many years. Shad is a retired highway patrolman while Doris is currently the JP. Kevin Miller, another graduate, is a highway patrolman stationed in Brady. Still another young Rochelle graduate, Frank Tabor, is a Brady city policeman. I’m like the typical citizen. . .catch everyone but me.

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