Old schoolhouses bring back memories, cont’d’

ROUND MOUNTAIN John Weslie Rodgers went to Round Mountain school. He later married Eva Lee Anderson, who went to school at Holt. John and Eva’s seven children were raised not far from where the old school stood. At least the older children went to school there. The oldest, Annie Mae Rodgers Miller, still lives there. Annie Mae and her sister, Edna Rodgers Mueller of Brady, told that the school teacher didn’t want anyone to say the word “ain’t.” She had each child write the word on a piece of paper. They put all the papers in a match box. Teacher, with all the class in tow, marched out under a tree in the school yard and formally buried the box. The teacher informed the class that the word was dead and buried and they couldn’t use it any more. Thereafter when one would use the word they were reminded that the word was dead. Here’s a picture of Round Mountain’s school provided by Mary Rodger Zientek. Her father John Weslie Rodgers and his sister are in the photo. Do you know any of these people’ Do you have a better picture of the school’ PLACID The County barn for Precinct 4 is at Placid. A former commissioner, Preston Cowan, tells me Placid has a volunteer fire department. I saw a large concrete slab with four fire trucks on it. Winchell VFD donated two of the trucks which gave them a fine start. Preston tells me that Placid VFD has recently received a grant that will enable them to start building on that slab right away. Preston and Novella Cowen have lived in Placid many years. They live across from the Baptist Church that still has services on Sunday morning. Preston sees to it that the Placid cemetery down the road is well maintained. It’s small but when I was there it was neat and freshly mowed. Preston and Novella have had health problems. It looks like Novella is about out of the woods and Preston is working on it. I hope we continue to hear good reports. HOLT In 1909, L.A. Hardman and wife, Mary E. Hardman, donated the land for the Holt Community Cemetery and the land for the old Holt Tabernacle. Still in attendance at the Holt Baptist Church, present location about a quarter mile away on FM 502, is L.A. and M. E. Hardman’s granddaughter, Irene Mitchel Cummings and husband Jesse, their children Billy Cummings, and Mary Land Cummings Suber and husband Micheal and daughter Bethany, as well as great grandsons Wayne and Harold Hardman and wife Grace and Wayne Mitchel and wife Mary and children David and Daniel. The 5-C Ranch recently bought the old Ware place where the old tabernacle stands. The Chapmans are in the process of restoring the old rock tabernacle. Some of the Chapmans attend Holt Baptist Church when they are in town so we’ll keep you posted on the progress. George Matlock also goes to Holt Baptist Church. His sister married Irene’s brother, Author Mitchel. The pastor remarked what a beautiful flower garden George has. He is an excellent gardener. On Sunday morning at Holt Baptist Church, Pastor Dean Snoody has served up some excellent sermons on “What is Covenant'” Covenant is almost lost in society today. Covenant is broken when a marriage is broken, when a contract is broken, when someone’s promise is broken. A mans word used to be his bond. There’s not many handshake deals these days. God made covenant with man for eternal life in heaven. He gave is son Jesus to pay the price. I am so glad God doesn’t break covenant. MERCURY Former deacon of Mercury Baptist Church, Curtis Jones, passed away of cancer. At one time, he was a trustee at Rochelle school. Mildred Weatherman told me Linda Miller, a Sunday school teacher at Mercury, is in San Angelo to have surgery on her hip. Our prayers and best wishes to the Jones family and a speedy recovery for Linda. You can now buy the Brady Standard-Herald at the Roadrunner Country Store in Mercury. The Roadrunner bird yard sticks that Lidia makes and sells there are so lifelike. Craig Miller of Mercury is a fence contractor and the last resident farmer in Mercury, I’ve been told. Craig is a superman fence builder and tries to raise chickens according to George. Please write to me with your history, memories and news to South of the River, c/o Mary Coffey Mitchel, Rt. 1 Box 148, Rochelle, Tex. 76872. *** You may have heard the story of the aged Christian grandfather traveling with his grandson. Ironically, they were seated on the plane next to an outspoken and sometimes very rude atheist. In the course of travel, the young grandson was very attentive to his aged grandfather, getting him a glass of water, noticeably attending to his comfort. The atheist noted all this and observed to the old gentleman, “How remarkable! My grandson couldn’t care less about me’he has no time for me at all. Where is the difference'” The old Christian gentleman smiled and said, “Well, it’s all a matter of respect. We believe in God, and in the eyes of my grandson, I am two generations closer to God’s hand than he is. In the eyes of your grandson, as an atheist, you are just two generations closer to a monkey.” ‘Jerry

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