Brady youth, 17, survives knife attack

A brutal attack that left 17-year-old Andrew Soto of Brady with a slashed throat has local law enforcement investigators building a case against the suspect, 19-year-old Anthony Bone, also of Brady, for what could be charges for attempted murder. Brady law enforcement dispatchers received a call early Monday morning reporting an individual walking down the lake road that “appeared to have something wrong with him.” Shortly after that phone call, dispatch received a call from the emergency room at the Heart of Texas Memorial Hospital stating that they had a patient who had what appeared to be a knife cut to the throat. Soto, soaked from head to toe in blood, apparently was walking toward the hospital on FM 2028 near the hill just past the G.Rollie White Complex when a passerby stopped and gave him a ride to the hospital. Conscious, coherent and barely able to speak, Soto reportedly walked into the ER under his own strength where he received treatment for a knife cut to the throat. After being stabilized in the ER, he was flown by helicopter to Columbia Medical Center in San Angelo where he remains in serious condition. While in the Brady emergency room, Soto was able to communicate to officers who he claims to have attacked him with sketchy details about the location where the attack occurred. Through some cross checking of details and possible scenarios, the location of the ranch was found and checked on a hunch. Preliminary investigations state the that the attack occurred around 10 p.m. Sunday. Soto was reportedly tied up and left for dead in a car, but was able to free himself and walk back to the road. He apparently walked all night toward the hospital until he was found Monday morning. Bone, out of jail on bond for a sexual assault indictment that was handed down on Nov. 9, 2000, is the prime suspect in the case. Local law enforcement officers contacted the district attorney and had his bond revoked allowing them to arrest him on that charge. District Judge Karl Prohl signed the revocation Monday morning and Bone was arrested shortly thereafter near the crime scene. A cooperative effort by the Brady police, sheriff’s office, Department of Public Safety and Texas Rangers eventually led officials to the crime scene that is located off County Road 112, nearly seven miles from where Soto was picked up. The crime scene is on a private ranch located approximately eight and one-half miles west of Brady. When officers first arrived at what they believed to be the crime scene, they found traces of blood on the gate. They then proceeded to have evidentiary search warrants issued for the premises. While at the scene, the suspect apparently arrived at the scene for unknown reasons. Bone was taken into custody for the revoked bond and is currently being held in the McCulloch County jail. Further charges are expected pending more conclusive evidence and testimony from the victim. “We have been treating this as a murder case just as if we had no witnesses,” Sheriff Earl Howell told the Brady Standard-Herald early Tuesday morning (today). “The only difference is we have a victim identified the suspect and is able to testify.” Officers spent most of the day Monday working the crime scene gathering evidence linking Bone to the scene. According to Howell, the sheriff’s office has evidence linking him to the scene and further and more conclusive evidence should be forthcoming. When Soto was admitted to the hospital, he was carrying with him what appears to be the weapon used in the attack. Officials are testing the knife for fingerprints to use in building the case. “We spent most of the day and some of the night working the crime scene,” said Howell. “There is still some detailing left, but we are almost complete with the evidence gathering.” What remains unclear to officers is how Soto was taken to the crime scene. According to Howell, Soto and Bone were acquaintances and that may have played a part in the overall scheme of the crime. “I talked with the doctors in San Angelo earlier today and the earliest we will probably be able to talk to the victim will be sometime Wednesday. When we are able to talk to him, we will have more details about how the crime occurred.” As of Tuesday morning, no charges had been filed on Bone. According to Howell, attempted murder charges will be forthcoming pending the conclusive results of some critical pieces of evidence.

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