Brady airport manager surprised by state honor

Brady airport manager Joe Mosier went to last week’s TxDOT Aviation Conference thinking it would be the same old annual meeting. What he didn’t bet on was being named as the airport manager of the year for the entire state by the Texas Department of Transportation Aviation Division. Mosier, airport manger for Curtis Field Airport, was awarded the 2001 General Aviation Airport Manager of the Year by TxDOT. Mosier received the award for improvements to Curtis Field over the past several years, which include reconstructing the runway, taxiway, aircraft parking apron and the installation of jet fuel facilities. Precision Approach Path Indicators were also installed, which enhanced the safety of the traveling public into the airport. Through Mosier’s direction, the airport secured a contract to serve as the location for monthly training operations for military helicopters. It resulted in the construction of four new helipads and a flight facility. He also promoted agricultural operations in the area by providing additional space for agricultural aircraft and is developing a financing plan to construct added space for these aircraft. Mosier has participated in TxDOT’s airport-maintenance program to fund the reconstruction of the airport’s entrance road and customer parking. He is also using funding from the program for future airport improvements such as new utilities and an airport hangar that will be used to house Texas Aerocolor, an airplane painting business that recently relocated to Brady. Having worked in aviation for more than 40 years and having logged more than 33,000 flight hours, his aviation experience includes flight instructor, fixed-based operator manager, as well airport manager for Panola County Airport. He has worked for the city of Brady since June 1998. The aviation conference was co-hosted by the Texas Department of Transportation and the Texas Association of Airport Executives. Participants included airport managers, city and county officials and the Federal Aviation Administration. The award was one of four statewide awards presented during the conference. Mosier was selected as top manager from a pool of 275 airport managers across the state. “We have our regional offices nominate people for this award each year,” said Dave Fulton of the TxDOT Aviation Division. “Once the nominations are received, it is a simple democratic voting process and Joe was the one chosen this year. I didn’t even realize all that he had accomplished until I started reading the long list of things that have been done at Curtis Field over the past few years.” The annual conference was a three-day meeting that was held in Austin. Accompanied by his wife, Beth and several other Bradyites, Mosier was more than surprised when his name was announced as the winner. “It blew me away,” said Mosier. “I never expected this to happen. This award is not a personality contest, but rather about what you have done. That speaks highly of Brady and what has transpired over the past few years. “I am not an emotional guy, but this award literally left me speechless and people who know me usually have a hard time getting me to keep quiet.” His efforts in the past have been recognized throughout the state. He continues to push for federal and state funding for projects that will improve the airport facilities. The next project will be an additional lengthening of the runway thanks in part to yet another TxDOT grant. With Mosier’s time and efforts working for the City of Brady and McCulloch County, the facilities at Curtis Field are sure to continue to be one of the area’s biggest assets.

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