Young Hornets take second, third place at district track meet

The Rochelle Junior High girls’ and boys’ track teams competed in the district track meet on Tuesday, April 3 and finished second and third place, respectively. The following is a list of competitors along with their individual placement: GIRLS TRACK High jump’Alisha Slone, second, 4-6; Lee Richardson, third, 4-6; and Elisha Estes, sixth, 4-2. Triple jump’Shana Roberts, sixth, 25-10. Discus’Brayla Bratton, sixth, 57-0. Long jump’Alisha Slone, fourth, 13-4. 2400-meter run’Ashley Sanders, first, 11:51. 400-meter relay’Elisha Estes, Katie Kidd, Alisha Slone and Brayla Bratton, third, 60.9. 800-meter run’Ashley Sanders, third, 2:58. 100-meter hurdles’Katie Kidd, third, 21.5; and Heather Hail, fourth 22.6. 100-meter dash’Lee Richard-son, first, 13.67; Alisha Slone, fourth, 14.3; and Brayla Bratton, fifth, 14.4. 800-meter relay’Heather Hail, Alisha Slone, Elisha Estes and Casey Shackleford, fourth, 2:11. 400-meter dash’Lee Richard-son, first, 70.19; and Shana Roberts, sixth, 75.7. 300-meter hurdles’Erica Roueche, second, 61.7; and Katie Kidd, third, 62.8. 200-meter dash’Lee Richard-son, first, 29.3; and Brayla Bratton, fourth, 31.3. 1600-meter relay’Casey Shack-leford, Shana Roberts, Elisha Estes and Ashley Sanders, fifth, 5:20. “The girls finished second behind Brookesmith with 124 points,” said Rochelle track coach Tommy Meredith. “Lee Richardson got high point girl with 35 points.” BOYS TRACK High jump’Charlie Cook, third, 5-0. Discus’Kodi Cook, second, 105-0. Shot put’Gage Rose, second, 34-3; and Wayne Flint, fifth, 32-6. Long jump’Kodi Cook, second, 16-5. 400-meter relay’James Baker, Clayton Williams, Charlie Cook and Luis Gomez, second, 54.5. 800-meter run’Dakota Eckert, first, 2:39; and Cody Garza, fifth, 2:52. 110-meter hurdles’Romano Vargas, third, 21.1; James Baker, fourth, 21.9; and Clayton Williams, fifth, 22.1. 100-meter dash’Kodi Cook, fourth, 12.6. 400-meter dash’Luis Gomez, sixth, 67.8. 300-meter hurdles’Romano Vargas, second, 51.8; and James Baker, third, 55.5. 200-meter dash’Kodi Cook, second, 26.5. 1600-meter run’Cody Garza, fourth, 6:14. 1600-meter relay’Luis Gomez, Dakota Eckert, Romano Vargas and Kodi Cook, second, 4:22. The boys track team finished third with 118 points behind Panther Creek and Rising Star. “This has been a real joy working with this bunch of youngsters, both boys and girls track teams,” said Meredith. “They have worked hard and have a very positive attitude.”

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