Warm weather causes flowers to burst out in all their glory

Evidenced by the warm weather, sunny days and brightly painted highways, spring has definitely sprung in the Texas Hill Country. Mother Nature has been more than generous this spring of 2001, gracing the vast majority of Texas highways with an abundance of precipitation. Already in bloom across Texas highways, particularly in McCulloch, Llano and Mason counties, patches and clusters of wildflowers blanket the ditches and fields. Drive along any of the major highways and one is sure to see cars pulled over and parents taking pictures of their children in the middle of the blue flowers. Bluebonnets, Mexican Hats and Indian Paintbrushes continue to thrive on the Texas hillsides and give travelers an eyeful of springtime color. As the state flower, the Texas Bluebonnet is widely planted by the highway department as part of its roadside beautification and erosion control program. As a new feature this spring, the Brady Standard-Herald will begin charting the most notable and colorfully decorated highways and county roads in and around McCulloch County. The focus is to keep our readers informed with the beauty Texas wildflowers have to offer and to provide travelers with a bluebonnet watching trail that will be updated as the blooms migrate north. Many Standard-Herald readers have already noted significant bluebonnet and other wildflower sightings around county roads.

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