It takes a strong group of folks

haven’t talked about the seven important people of any school, that being the school board. The board that elected me as superintendent of Rochelle schools in 1969 were: Bobby Hurd, Ray Engdahl, Ray Weatherman, Bobby Deeds, George Rodgers, Preston Cowan and Hilmer Krucker-meyer. I was elected on a four to three vote. The next year, Curtis Jones and Bill McDonald came on the board. The first five years were very hard because we didn’t have any money, the buses were all worn out, the buildings were in need of major repair and if it hadn’t have been for Mr. J. E. Herrington, the county superintendent, we would have gone belly-up. The only female board member to serve on the Rochelle school board is Glenda Ranne and I understand she is a good one.The only requirement to serve on a board is to be a resident of the district for six months. Most people think that a board member should have students in school. I found out the best board members do not have children in schools. They don’t hear the kids side of the story. To me, the best board members would be wealthy. They don’t think teachers are being paid too much and don’t mind spending money in the right places. Of course, none of my board members were wealthy and certainly not myself. I was very fortunate in having, 100 percent of the time, a great board that consisted of the following for 25 years: Graham Miller, Jerry Tedder, Bobby Keese, Rufus Beam, Kyle Moseley, Dorman Pitcox, Billy Finn, Richard Stiles, Lloyd Harris, Jimmy Stewart, Joey Ranne, Bobby Deeds, Ray Stites and Dwayne Branham and the first ones who elected me. I probably have left someone out. If the law has not changed, the school board can only interview an applicant for superintendent. Most of them still interview coaches. Some of the early day Rochelle board members were: Authur Moseley, Hubert Moseley, Bob Moseley, Lloyd Moseley, Bill Moseley, R. S. Moseley, Arthur Neal, Billy Jack Neal, Bill Huffman, Ed Knutson, Vernon Waddill, O. C. Williamson, O.L. Cottle, C. W. Knight, G. M. Yates, O.E. Cox, M.S. Burk, George Veazy, Ernest Jordan, Clyde Mathews, Ira Murrah, Oscar Beakley, Jack Kimbrough, Jack Hagler, Leon Lee, Marvin Virdell, Claude Thompson, Glenn Smith, George Engdahl, Doyal Cates and many others that I don’t know about. I read some of the old minutes and found them to be amusing. One time the board voted to let the superintendent buy toilet paper, another time in the late 30’s to charge 10′ to attend basketball games. They didn’t re-elect some teachers for: not staying in the district on weekends and for having a visible tatoo on their arms. Anyway, it takes a strong group of folks to keep things going.

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