Super S adds RadioShack to Brady Store

Adding a new flair to grocery shopping, Super S food store in Brady will soon be offering shoppers a chance to stop into RadioShack to pick up some batteries, antennas or other miscellaneous electronic equipment. As a recent development in a partnership between Super S and Radio Shack, the new franchise is under construction inside the local Super S store. The downsized version of RadioShack will be a fully-stocked store that will offer customers everything from cellular phone accessories to televisions and satellite dishes. Electronics and electronic supplies and accessories are the main staple of the business’s product line. The local store is looking into becoming an authorized dealer for a wireless telephone company but no official word has been made about which one it will be. Although the RadioShack franchise will be located inside the Super S store, the two businesses will remain separate entities. Shoppers purchasing groceries must pay for the groceries at the regular checkout stands and shoppers in RadioShack can only pay for the merchandise at the RadioShack counter. “This is something that Super S has been working on for quite some time,” said local Super S store manager Ron Fible. “We found out about six weeks ago that this was going to happen and the remodel crew arrived first thing Monday morning and should have things up and running by this weekend.” Proposed business hours for the new electronics store are seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The RadioShack store will be located on the southwest corner of the Super S store just inside the doors and near the bakery. Shelves have been moved and crews are working to assemble a kit of merchandising shelves that are part of the RadioShack model. When the crews arrived Monday morning, they brought with them all of the necessary tools, supplies and merchandise to get the store up and running by this weekend. RadioShack district sales manager Dan Wright was on hand leading the crew in the remodel and construction of the new facility. The area the new store will cover is approximately 20’x30′ . The staff for the store will be hired and managed by RadioShack personnel. If all goes according to plans, the store will be constructed and operational by this weekend.

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