Rochelle school tax hike goes to voters

April 1-5, 1960 Rochelle will be voting to raise the school tax rate Saturday, in addition to electing three school trustees. Brady, Lohn and Melvin schools also will be electing trustees Saturday. The polls will be open from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. At Rochelle the tax proposal would raise the school maintenance tax from $1.30 to $1.50 but would keep the bond tax rate at 20 cents’for a total tax of $1.70. Plus the voting box in Rochelle, another box will be operated in Mercury for the convenience of school patrons in that end of the school district. Candidates for trustees at Rochelle are R. S. Mosely, for re-election; and O. R. Conn and W. H. Krucke-meyer, both newcomers. Retiring from the board are Ira Murrah and Chester Penn. Rochelle also will be voting on a trustee for the County School Board. Y.M. Yates of Placid, for re-election to a two-year term, is the only candidate. Other school elections: BRADY’Brady will elect two trustees from three candidates: Dr. G. H. Ricks and Leonard Atherton, both for re-election; and Otto Barsch, a newcomer. LOHN’Lohn will elect two trustees from three candidates: Zane Carroll for re-election, Tommy Briscoe and Emmitt Moore, newcomers. Retiring from the board is T. L. Hodges. MELVIN’Melvin will elect two trustees from three candidates: Otha L. Fortson and John Bratton, for re-election; and Anastascio Perez, Jr., a newcomer. * * * Quiet City Election Looms; Closing of street on ballot With no contests, a quiet city election looms for Brady next Tuesday. The candidates are R. M. Priesmeyer for Mayor; John Rudder and Wayne Fergus for aldermen, all for two-year terms; and R. A. McShan, for an unexpired one-year term as alderman, the result of Priesmeyer’s resignation as alderman to run for mayor. Brady voters, however, will have one extra issue on the ballot. Whether to close and abandon a portion of West Walker Street, lying west of its intersection with North Walnut Street. Never opened as a street, West Walker now dead-ends at Walnut and the Council has indicated its intention to sell a portion of the property to the McCulloch County Public Warehouse, located at the Walker-Walnut intersection and operated by Charlie Matthews. * * * Melvin News MELVIN, Tex., March 31, 1960’The WMU of Melvin Baptist Church met Thursday, March 24, in all all-day meeting when Mrs. A. P. Waldrep taught the book, “Reaching Rural Churches.” Mrs. Waldrep was assisted by Rev. and Mrs. Moseley, who also gave a report on their survey of the local area as to church affiliation. Mrs. Lavon Anderson and two daughters of Waco spent last week here as a guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Talmage Wood. Lavon came up for the weekend, and his wife and children returned with him Sunday afternoon. In the Melvin Grade School Declamation tryouts held last week the following students were selected: sub-junior division girls, Elizabeth Morris; alternate, Janie Cantu; boys, Jimmy Wells; alternate, Jimmy Manser; junior division, boys, Jimmy Murray; girls, Mackey Morrow; alternates, Sandra Marshall. * * * Fife News FIFE, Tex., March 29, 1960’The warmer weather and sunshine this week have brought about various farm activities. A few farmers are planting sudan and corn. Shearing of sheep is going along rapidly. Showers last weekend gave the grain a boost and pastures are green again. W. D. Bradley of Addington, Okla., has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bradley in Brady several days and seeing about sheep shearing on the Bradley ranch here. Cryil Farmer of Andrews spent last weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hickman and Mrs. L. M. Farmer. Mrs. Cryil Farmer returned home with him Sunday after spending a month here helping care for her mother. Other guests of the Hickmans and the Farmers Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. John Guyton and children of Breckenridge and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Rasco of Bronte. Lohn News LOHN, Tex., March 29, 1960’Threatening weather over the weekend left around .2 of an inch of moisture. It will be of great benefit to freshly planted crops but the grain fields are in need of a two inch rain. So much partly cloudy weather has kept temperatures down, so it remains to be seen whether the maize crops will come up or not. Jeff Willey and Clyde Hill who are employed at Littlefield spent the past two weeks with their respective families, the Hollis Phillips and the C. W. Hills. Mrs. Ada Bundick accompanied them here and visited her sister, Mrs. C. W. Hill and family. Mr. and Mrs. Brady Martin enjoyed a telephone call Saturday night from their son, Seaman Charles Martin, who had arrived at Long Beach, Calif., from Japan. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Turner of Midland spent from Friday till Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Turner. Mr. and Mrs. Buster Sayles and Eddie of Brady joined the group for Sunday dinner. Mrs. R. J. Turner and her daughter-in-law shopped in San Angelo Saturday and also visited the latter’s grandmother. Mr. and Mrs. Archie Baird of San Angelo were Sunday evening guests of the Turners. * * * Melvin girl named to area FHA office Sixteen Melvin FHA girls and four adults attended the area FHA meeting held in San Marcos Saturday, March 26, in the Evans Auditorium on the Southwest Texas State College Campus. Bobbie Cook, area third vice-president, was installed in the service held Saturday afternoon. She will be in charge of special projects for 1961-62 and will strive to create more active interest in chapter participation of state and national projects. The program consisted of group singing conducted by Sis Neill, Area 7, song leader and Cecil Hutson of Uvalde, and a speech by Dr. Norwood. Girls from the Melvin chapter attending besides Bobbie were Jolia Johnson, Alma Pina, Aurelia Sandoval, Louise Turner, Mary Sue Wilkerson, Barbara Gossett, Beverly Betsill, Velma Dee Middleton, Mary Helen Bratton, Mary Ellen Eckert, Gloria Schwertner, Nancy Smith, Alva Jean Crumley, Mary Belia Rodriquez and Antonia Leal. Adults attending were Mrs. Paul Huntington, Melvin sponsor, Mrs. John Bratton and Rosa Sandoval. * * * PERSONAL MENTIONS Here From Waco Mr. and Mrs. Royce Squires and family of Waco, visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Squiers of Rochelle over the weekend. * * * Guest of mother Mr. and Mrs. Willis Barlett and grandchildren of Santa Anna, visited his mother, Mrs. Lilly Bartlett of Rochelle, Tuesday night.

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