Behrens’ steer third best at San Antonio

Jay Behrens, son of Joe and Jacque Behrens of Voca, was recently recognized by the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo as having the third best “All Around” steer in the carcass show according to County Extension Agent Jerry Kidd. “The results of the carcass show were announced by show officials following the grading of the animals recently. Added to this distinguished honor, Jay’s steer was bred and raised right here in McCulloch County on their family ranch,” stated Kidd. To place in this group of elites at San Antonio, an exhibitor must place their steer within the top 45 steers by either placing as a breed champion, reserve champion or first in their respective class. Following the show, these animals are sold through the Junior Steer Auction and processed as a group by Texas A&M University Meat Science Department with results posted on the internet. In the regular junior show, Jay’s steer placed first in the Santa Gertrudis light weight steer class. On the rail, the steer graded average USDA choice with a 1.94 yield grade, carrying .36 inches of back fat with moderate marbling, having a live weight of 1,177 pounds and a 733 pounds of carcass weight. “Two unique facts about Jay’s steer versus other carcass winners were that his steer was a Santa Gertrudis bred steer that graded choice under 14 months of age,” added Kidd. “This breed, because of its Brahmam blood background, is still considered by many to not have the ability to complete with British and Exotic breeds with their carcass traits, and, especially not known for the ability to grade at such a young age.” The Behrens family, along with other leading beef producers with Brahman influenced breeds, are confirming the fact that Brahmam type cattle do have the genetic ability to produce top quality carcass cattle and a place within the industry through improved breeding programs,” stated Kidd. Kidd also indicated an omission of exhibitors in an earlier Extension news release. “Earlier, we inadvertently left Bo and Hunter Stuart out of the group exhibiting steers at Houston. Bo and Hunter both need to be recognized, with Bo also honored for catching a calf in the Calf Scramble to receive $1,000 to go towards the purchase of a heifer calf for next year. We are extremely proud of all our 4-H and FFA exhibitors this year with their achievements.”

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