Damrosch Music Club names new officers

The Damrosch Music Club met in the home of Deryl Bishop on Mar. 27 with 16 members and three friends attending. Fay Lawler, president, reminded members of the state meeting in Lubbock and the national one in Atlanta. The following will be officers for 2001-2002: Directing president’Fay Lawler; vice-president’Wadena McAlister; secretary’Mary Bates; treasurer’Verona Garner; friends of music’Betty Walton; historian’Beverly Striegler; parliamentarian’Drusilla Miller. Fay brought attention to the change in time which will be 7 p.m. for the concert in the park, May 10. Bill Derrick and his group will perform. This is during National Music Week. Diana Tate led the hymn of the month, “Christ, We Do All Adore Thee” and Marjorie Barnhill accompanied. Betty Walton spoke of the latter part of Gershwin’s years. George Gershwin died at 38 in 1897’he was sick for four months. It was said that he had more tunes in his head. Karen Bishop played “Swanee” for the group to sing. It took less than 30 minutes for lyricist Irving Caesar and composer George Gershwin to produce this simple, enduring standard, a hit for the great Al Jolson in his 1919 show, “Sinbad.” For all Gershwin’s later successes, “Swanee” became his greatest commercial triumph and was a milestone in Jolson’s long career as well. Local talents with a few hours’ notice, Joann Dalgard sang “Somebody Loves Me,” as Deryl Bishop accompanied. A Broadway critic confessed the Gershwins had “wrung the withers of even the most-hearted of those present.” Composer George had originally written the melody in up tempo but soon realized that it sounded far better as a slow romantic ballad. Hostesses Deryl Bishop, Mildred Breckenridge and Drusilla Miller served refreshments to Marjorie Barnhill, Mary Bates, Karen Bishop, Cotton Carmichael, Joann Dalgard, Mindy Gober, Janett Harlow, Fay Lawler, Mae McWilliams, Ouita Moseley, Elfrieda Schoenewolf, Diana Tate, Betty Walton, and Friends of Music Pat Sellers, Ethelyne Vinson, and Virginia Gray.

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